Men are People Too

I had a funny email exchange the other day in which a friend and I discussed TMI – you know, the concept of telling people way more than they ever wanted to know?

I was encouraging her to remember The Mommy Blogs are also read by men before she described her latest bout with PMS or the wonders of breastfeeding in great detail. She was shocked. “Men don’t read my blog!”, she said.

Oh, yes. They do.

Just ask Mary.

So as a little experiment, I decided it would be great fun to conduct a poll. To you men out there, I can assure you – hand to my heart – that there is absolutely no way I can know who you are if you respond. All it does is count – not locate. I am not outing you but simply trying to prove a point to my girlfriends who are still in denial about their readership.

So, will you humor me? Just click the little box and let us know you are out there, ‘kay? It might just save you from having to read some funky girl stuff that may offend your manly sensibilities.

And trust me, we would never want to do that here.