Such Proudness

Awards Day 2008 was once again a great day for our Clan. I am blessed to say that all of my kids excel academically – no thanks to their mother – so Awards Days are exciting for me to see what they’ve accomplished during the year.

The program always takes place first thing in the morning and the kids are allowed to have a play day afterwards if they choose to remain at school. My boys all wanted to stay and hang out with friends so I packed each of them some ratty clothes to change in to since I obviously dressed them decently for their presentations.

Really, I did try to dress them well. Give me that much credit.

So, imagine my surprise when Boy 3 comes marching in the gymnasium wearing this:

Apparently the kid decided it would be perfectly acceptable to wear a backward baseball cap and funky t-shirt during the program so he changed his clothes twelve minutes after he got to school. I could scarce watch him walk across the floor for worrying about all the parents who were surely asking themselves who the Loser Mom was who would dress her kid like a Little Rascal on Awards Day.

If only there were a prize for Moms Who Are Forever Being Scammed By Their 8-Year-Olds.

Oh I would totally win….