Off to the Big District!

As much as I’m sure most of you are not at all interested in Little League Baseball, I have to tell you that we are on our way to play in the 11/12 District Tourney today and tomorrow. Our boys came in 2nd in Sub District after an umpire-induced, devastating defeat in the bottom of the 7th inning Tuesday night in the championship game. It’s kind of hard to win after having to give the other team 4 outs per inning.

But I’m not bitter, really. Those guys work hard for the big bucks.

And I work hard to stay ingognito behind my big ole black sunglasses when I’m gently reminding them to wear their thicker glasses to the next game or suggesting their moms wear combat boots. Yes, ma’am. There is a reason I don’t wear our church t-shirts to the ballgames. I wouldn’t want to embarass Jesus or I*** Baptist.

Or Luke. Can’t forget about him. Is it even necessary or me to tell you we don’t sit anywhere near each other on the sidelines?

Oh well…I’ll be off for a couple of days. Wish my boy Godspeed and me a restrained tongue. And also pray we aren’t scheduled a Sunday game cause, y’all, we don’t do Sunday ball if it means missing church. It kind of ruins the preacher’s testimony, dontcha think?

Have a great weekend!