I meant to ask a couple of days ago for you all to pray for our missions team as we traveled to Montgomery, AL to spread some love and hope in a housing community that has very little of either.

Needless to say, I got busy and didn’t.

But if it isn’t too late, and since we are still here, could you ask God to continue the amazing work He began three years ago?

A couple of updates:

Last year, I told you about Josephine. She is the matiarch of several families in the project. Last year, she was only 6 weeks off drugs and told me frankly she didn’t give herself much longer to give in to the temptation once again. She was born again during our time with her and is still drug-free one year later. Unfortunately, she couldn’t spend the day with us because she has a very good third shift job and needed to sleep so she could go back to work tonight. Better yet, she’s been able to move to a different housing community and have a better apartment for herself and twin teenage daughters. Please pray her faith will remain strong and that God will continue to reveal He is one of second chances.

I got to see another friend today named Angela. She has seven children – two of the adopted from her sister. In the past year, she has lost her husband. Immediately before his death, Angela was also pregnant with twins. One delivered but the doctors left the other in utero assuring her the baby would be fine. (I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF SUCH.) After two weeks, the remaining twin was still born.

Angela is a Christian and was when I met her three years ago. If there has ever been a woman who exhibited the spirit of an overcomer, it is her. She has every reason to shake her fist to the sky and instead she raises that same hand in worship. God enabled her to purchase her own home where she single-handedly works two jobs and pays almost $500 a week in childcare. She could have remained in the projects and been handed many services, but with the most determined look in her eye she said, “Lisa, I want better than this. I want to work and make my own way.”

She takes my breath away.

There are many more stories here. I am so privileged to be one small character in the grand scheme of what God is doing among the people in this place. Each year we think that maybe we’ll minister in a different city the next summer, and always our hearts are drawn back to this forsaken community.

So, if you will, please pray for our group. I hope to have some great pictures ready to show you tomorrow!