First Day Debriefing

I absolutely love the first day of school when the kids get to come home and tell all. Here are a few of my favorite quotes so far:

Boy Two: “My teacher’s aide is a goth high school kid.”
Me: Well is he nice?
Boy Two: “I don’t know. He doesn’t speak.”

Boy Three: “My teacher’s aide is Dora. Lucky for her.”
Me: Lucky for her that her name is Dora?
Boy Three: “No. Lucky for her that I’m in her class.”
Me: *Eye Roll*

Me: Girl, what was your favorite part of school today?
Girl: “Pretending we set the play kitchen on fire so we could call the fire department on the fake phone.”

And Boy One is still at football practice but I’ve already heard through the small school grapevine he got lost looking for a class. Isn’t that every 7th grader’s worst nightmare? I had plans to pet him to death when he gets home but Luke has informed me that he’s grown now and doesn’t need his mother smooching on him just because he had trouble locating Science.

Whatever, man. Isn’t it obvious why God gave children a mother?

I should say a special thank you to our awesome principle, Mr. S., for helping my boy find his way. It’s nice to know there’s a little compassion remaining in your gender.

More later on the emotional breakdowns that took place in the Kindergarten hall this morning, but right now it’s still too raw.