Pardon Me While I Freak

Do you ever have times when you look at the next couple of days on your calendar and have a panic attack over all the stuff that somehow has to be accomplished at your hand?

* We begin Bible Release Time tomorrow. This is the program our church hosts which allows children from Grades 2-6 to attend Bible Classes one day per week. I teach those classes and tomorrow is the kick off. I’m typing this post as I wait for the copier to print worksheets for the kids.

* We have AWANA kick-off tonight. I just finished printing registration sheets in anticipation for a bigger than ever club year. Praying we have plenty of food. Not looking forward to cooking 160 weenies. Blech.

* The Girl is having a sleep over Friday night for her birthday. You may find it amusing that I’ve planned to do an at home version of a Libby Lou party for her friends. We pulled out all of Girl’s makeup today to see what kind of supplies we had and somehow I’ve ended up with glitter all over my face. Didn’t know it until I got to church so I’m wondering what our darlin’ church people will think their PW has been up to on the side.

I thought typing it all out would help with the hyperventilating that is going on over here.

It didn’t work.

I’m taking Donna’s advice and resorting to some prayer. Amazing how that can be the last thing we think of when it should have been first, huh?

*Breathing deeply*