I Voted As Though I Were Not Voting

I would like to speak to you today about the fabulosity of the early voting system.

Seriously. Why have I waited in long lines all these years when all I had to do was make a three minute run to the courthouse? Since Luke and I will be out of town next week, I voted today and to say it was carthartic would be an understatement. Somehow, circling in that dot released all the aggravation that has been building for the last 37 months this campaign has been in high gear.

Now that I have cast my ballot, I’m officially over it.

It’s so easy to get sucked in to the madness until we calm down and realize one basic thing: The government is not our salvation. The USA and her President will not preserve our lives. Jesus Christ is the One who came {not Barak Obama or John McCain} so we can have life and have it abundantly. Oh I wish, OH I WISH, I could get Luke’s Sunday sermon off the cassette tape and into this computer because y’all, he nailed it. If I do say so myself my man BROUGHT IT on this very topic. I was so proud of him I could have exploded. If any of my homies out there would like to bear witness, please say amen in the comments.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Imagine that.

I really do not anticipate addressing politics on this blog anymore (because I’m so, so sick of it!) but in saying that, I have to point you to the single most fabulous piece written on the subject I’ve read to date. You have just GOT to see it for yourself. In fact, if you read it, why don’t you come back and tell me what you thought. Did you gain some fresh perspective? Did your blood pressure lower a few clicks? I promise. It’s that good.

And here’s a teaser. I have a really cool surprise I’m preparing for you from the author of that article.

We are going to have a blast with this one.