Rally on Two!

I have no idea what Rally on Two means. I just remember it was some goofy cheer I used to do as a 7 year old in Pee Wee football. I assume we’re talking some last minute effort is desperately needed in order to accomplish something huge.

With that said, we need ourselves a rally!

You may be asking, ‘Why are we rallying, silly woman?’ Because our darling Amy Beth has got several hundred girls to mentor and she needs cash to do it,that’s why! What’s cool is that she’s not even asking for you to dig it out of your own pockets (though I’m sure she’d take it if you insisted). All she needs is for all of us to download Microsoft’s Live Search program. She is a very short number of downloads away from earning a big time donation for Starlite. A BIG TIME donation. But here’s the kicker:

(No pressure for her, really. None at all.)

So, here’s what I am asking of you. Please visit this link to download the program and read a bit more from AB. Be sure you follow that particular link instead of googling or else she will not get credit. AB will also draw for a $25 Starbucks gift card if you leave her a note saying you’ve completed the download.

But wait! Let’s sweeten the pot. If you, my awesomely generous, thoughtful, compassionate, philanthropic girlfriends, will come back here and tell me you did this wonderful thing for Miss Queen of Pinkness, I will hold my own drawing for Casting Crowns Christmas CD, Peace on Earth. That’s right! Two chances to win an awesome little gift just for helping a sister out. Doesn’t get better than that!

So, what are you waiting for? Scoot! Let’s make sure those school girls continue to hear about our Jesus.

Rally on Two! Rally on Two! Rally, rally, rally, rally, rally on Two !

p.s. (Don’t forget to enter John Piper’s Spectacular Sin Give Away . You can also express interest in our Book Club!)