Home is Good

Luke and I returned to the Promised Land last night and though we had a fabulous time with our friends in Florida (say that 5 times fast), it is undescribably wonderful to be back at home with the kids and sleeping in our own cushy bed.

I intended on writing an uplifting, fun-filled post after all the heaviness around here the past few days, but my plans have changed. I am on my way to see my uncle Ken who has suffered a severe stroke. He had one a few years back from which he has recovered relatively well. This second one is serious and I don’t yet know the long-term implications of it. He is not even 50 years old and so this has been such a shock to all of us that such a young man could be experiencing these problems. Ken is dear to me and at an earlier point in my life was as close as a brother. Years have passed, some things have changed, and I don’t get to see him often. It’s moments like these I get so angry with myself for letting my crazy life get in the way of seeing people I love when they are well instead of lying in a hospital bed. So, if y’all think of it, please whisper a prayer for his healing.

In better news, I received my package of Spectacular Sins books! I’m almost finished reading mine. It’s so heady but will definitely reaffirm our confidence in God’s control over every event that takes place on this earth. If you haven’t entered the giveaway yet, go here now! You have until tonight. I’ll announce the winners tomorrow and give the rest of you a link to order your book so you can be reading between now and January when we begin our discussions.

BTW – I’ll be announcing another giveaway on Monday for some light-hearted reading that you will love! {Hint: The books are in my right sidebar..}

Have an awesome weekend!

p.s. I swear I hope none of y’all read this post when it was entitled, “Better him than me..” When I began it I was about to write about something Luke did on vacation and I ended up talking about my poor uncle. Better him than me? I’m an OGRE! It’s okay to laugh. Ken would. :))