Before It’s No Longer Relevant…

…I’d better tell y’all a bit about The Winter Xtreme Conference!So I mentioned Luke and I were accompanying our youth directors to Gatlinburg to ‘chaperone’ the trip. Luke slept in a room with three teenage boys. I slept in a room with Tammy and Michealle (two other grown women) along with mine and Tammy’s daughters, ages 6 and 9. We totally got the best end of that deal. It seems there is no happy medium in teenage boys and hygiene. They either have furry teeth and refuse to shower or reek of Axe body spray. Luke has been on an IV drip of Allegra since we’ve been home.

I can not even tell you how hard I prayed for these kids before we went up. I so much want to see the Spirit reign down and for them to start an outright revolution in our church and school. Our prayers were answered because SIX of them were born again at the conference. Let me be clear that I don’t mean they had an emotional ‘experience’. I believe with all my heart they fell under the unrelenting conviction of the Holy Spirit and that their lives will never be the same.

What’s more, since we’ve been home another of our girls prayed for salvation Sunday night and then after the service another came to request baptism. My mascara has been a wreck for days. Here’s to many more of looking like an emotionally overwrought raccoon! I’m so proud of each of them and the stand they’ve taken. Please join me in praying that God will protect their resolve and put an unquenchable thirst for relationship within them!

Now obviously that was the highlight of the trip but there were many more. In list format:

1. I finally got to meet darlin’ Tammy Nolan!

We’ve been online friends for some time and I was so excited when I learned we would be in the same place at the same time. Her hubby, Tony, was the evangelist who led our kids to the Lord and I have to tell y’all, the man can bring the Word. I’ve been to many youth events and sadly enough, many of the speakers never even cracked a Bible. Tony preached the roof in on our heads and I SO appreciated that he was not afraid to proclaim the truth with great boldness.

He was also gracious enough to step out and encourage our kids after their decisions that night. The kids were a little shell-shocked and then later couldn’t stop talking about how cool it was they got to meet him. Thanks again, Tony and Tammy, for being so humble and willing to reach out to us! (I have pics that I’ll add as soon as dear Maury sends them to me. No hurry, really.:) YAY, Maury! I have pics now!)

2. Third Day played the New Year’s concert.

Do I have to say another word? My only disappointment was that they didn’t play Born Again. I tried to yell out my request but Mac must not have heard me. That’s the only explanation I can think of as to why he wouldn’t perform the set list of a thirty-something dork in a youth conference.

3. New Song sang Arise My Love.

Y’all. By far the most powerfully, beautifully, exquisitely executed performance of a Jesus song I’ve ever heard. Next is Travis Cottrell’s ‘In Christ Alone’ but since he wasn’t there, I gotta spread the NewSong love. That performance should be the sound track to Jesus’ return. {Oh I know the angels will sound better but short of that, NewSong wins.}

4. Rebecca Barlow’s (of Barlow Girl’s) Hair. (She’s in the middle)

Another breath-stopping moment. That girl’s hair was perfection. (They were all awesome but I’m partial to styles that might actually work on my head.) Karri (not pictured here)was sweet enough to ask her for styling tips on my behalf from the autograph line. I’m told a 1″ barrel curling iron does the trick. I’m so buying one.

And shopping for a rock star vest that makes me appear to have a waist.

And taking guitar lessons.

I miss being cool.

Wait. I never was that cool. *sigh*

5. Speaking of not being cool..

I saw Johnny Hunt {Pres. of SBC, Pastor of First Baptist Woodstock} practically alone at his table and since I esteem him highly, I thought I’d go over to say ‘hi’. (I was secretly hoping his wife was around so I could meet the First Lady of my denomination.) Being in the presence of such greatness, an unbelievable nervousness came over me and I babbled something like ‘it’s such an honor blah blah is your wife around blah so glad you’re our president..blah blah.’ All while secretly seething, “LisayouaresuchastupidheadjustshutupNOWjustgobacktoyourseatthisinstantandquittryingtotalktopeople whohavenoclueinthisworldwhoyouareyoustupidstupidhead.” What a bafoon. Truly. I should have stayed in my paygrade and asked him what kind of gel he used.

Now that I’ve reminded myself of my humiliation, I think I’ll go slink to my room and read some affirming scripture. Totally different post, but do we ever get over these juvenile feelings of acceptance/rejection? Let’s think about that another day..:)


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