Some Stuff I Need to Tell You

Wow. My last post was heavy, huh? Didn’t mean for it to be. Sometimes I just have to purge the fire in my bones and when I read it later I wonder what I was thinking. I hope you heard my heart and that you know it bleeds for you. I’m really not an angry, snot-slingin‘, maniac though in print you may feel the need to wipe off the screen. I guess what I’m trying to do here is make up to you if I came across belligerent. I’m not sorry for what I wrote because I was compelled. I’m just sorry if it came across harsh because you couldn’t see the concern that motivated it. (Nobody has communicated this by the way…it’s my own tendency-to-second-guess-myself speaking here. And I’m not fishing for reassurance either. Just doin’ some truth tellin’.) To make myself feel better, I’ll just claim Luke’s verse that he preached Sunday morning and say it is because I am jealous for God’s people, his women specifically, that I get all bent out of shape. I just can’t stand to see you (or myself) a compliant victim.

Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” just popped in my head. That couldn’t have been from Jesus.

Anyway, I really intended to lighten the mood by making you a little video clip as a reminder for our Spectacular Sin Book Club beginning on Monday, but the truth is my hair isn’t cute today and why would a girl video herself with a less than acceptable ‘do?

Anyway, what I was going to tell you is REMEMBER OUR BOOK CLUB STARTS MONDAY! If you are participating, have your Introduction read. If you aren’t playing along, please read anyway. I think you will still be able to gain from the conversation. Missy and I talked on the phone this past week (while she was on the way to Beth’s Houston Bible Study – I’m so trying to get over my envy) and I can tell you we are equally thrilled and equally unsure the best way to present this material. I think we have a great game plan: We’ll alternate leading weekly discussions and determine what we are going to do next by attempting to outdo the previous week. HA! I’m SO KIDDING! Just messing about the typical way we females do things – in comparison with one another instead of going to God on a thing. That’s a total rabbit – let’s not chase it.

In all seriousness, I love that crazy Missy and can’t wait to team up with her to dig into some meaty doctrine. My prayer is that we’ll serve it up hot and that you will throw aside any tendencies toward theological vegetarianism. I have no idea what the heck I just said but it came to mind so there ya go.

In other loose ends, I’m about to determine the winner of the John Piper Conference tickets a day late. I’ll have the winners posted Saturday. Can’t wait to see who gets to travel to Minnesota to hear all the fabulousness!

GAH! I just deleted my signature again!