Things You Didn’t Ask to Know…

Don’t you get so incredibly tired of me telling you how life has gotten in the way of blogging? Six months ago I would have distressed to the uttermost if I didn’t find a way to update daily. I’ve chill-axed a bit since then and realized the blog is for me and not vice versa. The only bummer in all my crazy is that I haven’t been able to read blogs much for several weeks. I’m woefully out of the loop and feeling awfully saddened and guilty over it.

So if you aren’t mad that I haven’t visited you in a while and you care at all what I’ve been up to, I have to tell you that on Valentine’s Day I got to experience a first: A trip to a bonafide spa. (I can’t ever say bonafide without thinking of George Clooney’s wife and girls in O Brother, Where Art Thou.)

Now, I’ve had some spa treatments before but only at the hand of fellow students of the cosmetology program I completed in 1994. I was the official hair color guinea pig and had no less than 43 applications of Redken Shades in the year-long course. The cool red a.k.a purple red was by far my least favorite by the way. Thanks for that, Karen. I feel I still owe my own apologies to the girls on whom I practiced fake nails for the first time. They could barely lift their fingers for the glop of hardened acrylic hanging off the ends. The file was definitely my friend – and theirs too for that matter provided they didn’t opt for the remover first. Our hands were bloody stumps by the time we finished learning the fine art of nail sculpture. So yeah, I was looking forward to going to a real spa.

Anyway, my bff Kim and I went to The Mountain Escape Spa with gift certificates we’d gotten for Christmas courtesy of someone very awesome. It was all I ever imagined and more. So serene and quaint tucked into the dream community that is Lookout Mountain, TN. Every house there looks like it was taken straight from the pages of Southern Living.

Kim and I got an hour aroma therapy massage, facial, and manicure. I loved every second of each service but I would have to say my favorite was probably the facial. I was only a little embarrassed when Olivia asked me what happened to my chin and I had to admit I’d burned it the week before with my curling iron. What a goober. I can’t even explain how it happened except you shouldn’t try to talk on the phone and touch up frizz at the same time. I’ve determined I could easily be a spa rat. The Hot Rock massage is definitely on my radar. I’d never be able to justify taking myself back, but if anyone is just looking for something sweet to do for his wife…???? That would definitely be in the Love Dare.

When we finished we met our families in Chattanooga to eat at Outback. After that we went to the Home Show. If you’ve never been to one, it’s like a huge home improvement expo where vendors hawk their wares. Y’all may think that sounds like a snooze but for a girl who would rather spend time in Lowe’s than WalMart, it really is great fun to daydream about how you’d build The Perfect House. The only reason I’m telling you about it is that I’m still jazzed over an awesome counter top. If we ever build or remodel again, I’m definitely putting these in the kids’ bathroom. Have y’all ever seen such?? Very expensive but doable if you use it in a smaller space. I pretty much spent the rest of my time drooling over dressing room/ closet built-ins. Unfortunately, parsonages do not come with those.

Since the weekend, I’ve had my nose in 40+ books getting ready to teach a retreat Friday and Saturday. If you’re just looking for some one’s name to say to God, I’d be awfully appreciative if it happened to be mine. And speaking of books, I’m reading a really good one: Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It’s not brand new but I’ve only just picked it up because it follows some themes I’ll be teaching. Good stuff. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you bought it!

Okay, I’ve got to get. What in the world are you girls up to? I seriously miss you!