Happy Days are Here Again

Okay, so truth is, happy days never officially left but it just seemed an appropriate title considering my oldest boy dressed like Richie Cunningham for a ‘decade’ birthday party he went to Friday night. Isn’t he the coolest?

I know this is totally random, but I just looked up the lyrics to the Happy Days song because it just occurred to me I’ve probably sung it wrong all these years. I was right. You know when it gets to the part that says, “The weekend comes, my cycle hums”? Well, I’ve always sang, “The weekend comes, tobacco’s fun..” Don’t even ask how I heard it that way. I just remember being a young girl and feeling a little naughty for singing about the joy of smoking.

I know. You could have gone the rest of your life without knowing that. But then why should that be any different than anything else I tell you around here?

Anyhoo, I’m a little late in mentioning our high school girls’ basketball team played in the State Finals in Birmingham Thursday night. We lost but it wasn’t because we didn’t put up a great fight. In fact, we dominated the first half and I truly thought we were going home with the trophy. I’m not one to rehash a ballgame, particularly one with rules and play strategies that I do not understand in the least. But pray tell me – if your team has 15+ fouls against you in one game half and the other team has 3, does it not appear that perhaps the officials may have been a little one-sided? We lost by 15 points and the other team got 30 points in foul shots. You have to give it to them, they did not miss. That game was won from the line. But, I will not be bitter. I’m so proud of our girls. The majoritiy of them also play on our softball team which are the reigning 2008 State Champs. You’d never know such talent could be so concentrated here in MiddleofNowhere, Alabama. It’s thrilling to watch such excellence and to be brought to tears by the school spirit.

Speaking of spirit, practically our entire town attended the playoffs and it was literally a stand-the-entire-time-and-scream game. Don’t you know all of us would die if we had to stand up for an entire church service and here we are jumping up and down like idiots for an event that nowhere rivals the thrill of being in the presence of God Almighty? I’m reminded of Nehemiah 8 and how eager the people were to stand in honor of God’s word and then alternately to fall with faces to the ground when they understood the exposition of it. Oh, that our zeal for The House would match, or preferably exceed, that for the arena!

Don’t know how I got off on that tangent but since I have, here’s praying that same fervor will consume us this night and that we will worship God with an overflowing heart on the Lord’s Day tomorrow.

The Weekend Comes and Happy Days are Here Again! Enjoy it, gf’s.