The Woman Beside the Man Meet Georgia Jan!

I am out-of-my-mind thrilled to introduce our first ever Woman Beside the Man. She is none other than our beloved Georgia Jan. Jan, thank you so much for playing along with us! For those of you who don’t know her, she is the epitome of all a pastor’s wife should aspire to be – joyful, gracious, loving, crazy about her man and most of all – she’s crazy about her Jesus

I don’t want to steal Jan’s thunder so here’s what she had to share with us in her interview:

1. Please share your Real Name and Blog Name:
My real name is Jan Maloy Morton
My blog name is “Georgia Jan.” (Not very creative – I live in Georgia and my name is Jan!)

2. In what area/areas of ministry do you serve alongside your husband?

My husband is the Worship Pastor as well as Church administrator ( I am my husband’s favorite first soprano and have been singing in “his choir” for over 33 years…we were high school sweethearts! We also teach a Sunday School class together that is for new/prospective church members that is a covenant class required for church membership, called “Second Life” (our church is Second Baptist….hence the name). We love to mentor young couples and we love the younger pastors and wives on our church staff as well.

How long have you been in ministry? 32 years

3. What is your favorite part of being a ministry wife?

I can truthfully say that my favorite part about being a ministry wife is serving God’s people alongside my husband. Girls, we are blessed to be partners WITH our husbands as ministry wives. Many women have no clue as to what their husband’s jobs actually entail, yet we are blessed to actively participate with our men! It isn’t always easy…this I know, but it is a privilege!

4. Describe your personal giftedness. How do you exercise that within the church?

I love to lead and teach and use these gifts as Women’s Ministry Director and have served in that role for 12 years. I could not do this without the great team of ladies helping me! I teach women’s Bible study classes every Sunday night and have done that for almost 18 years. That is my favorite! I love to plan events and love on the other pastor’s wives on our church staff. I am the “Titus” staff woman in both age and experience. I am also a soloist, but my greatest joy is singing in the choir. God has given me the gift of discernment – that is a great blessing in ministry…

5. If you have children, what’s the most embarrassing PK thing they have ever done?

We have two sons, ages 27 and 24. Our oldest son was only 6 and we had JUST moved to our church – had literally been here less than 4 weeks. We were living in an apartment complex and he had been exposed to some new things, primarily some new words he had learned on the playground. During circle time at Vacation Bible School he asked a college-aged young man who was interning that summer if he had “sex”…OH MY GOODNESS…it was horrible…funny now but at that moment I knew I should have kept the boxes to start packing again. This son is now a Pastor, working on his doctorate. God reigns!

6. What is the single most important piece of advice you would like to offer other ministry wives?

Love the people and be yourself, and remember that battles are won on your knees in prayer.

7. Do you have a question about ministry life you’d like answered by those who reading this spotlight?

Do you make friends easily with women in your congregation and have “best friends,” or do you not have close friendships with them?

8. Where can we visit you on the web?

Now don’t you girls just love this? I feel like I know Jan better already. :)) I want to point out question 7 to you because each week, we’ll be asking one another for input on any number of issues. I hope you will take a moment to respond to this great topic of friendships within the church in the comments whether you are a ministry or layperson!

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