It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green….

… let’s talk food instead. Seriously, I’m not trying to pre-empt our previous conversation but I have something urgent I need to tell you girls.

We have a dear friend in Georgia named Merrie Lynn Youngblood. She was contacted today and informed she is one of the five finalists in Emeril’s Slow Cooker Challenge on Good Morning America. The public can vote on their favorite recipe until tomorrow only and the winner gets a trip to New York to appear on the show.

Y’all, I’ve had the Chicken Stuffing Merrie Lynn entered and it is FABULOUS. And easy. And their ain’t no better kind of recipe as far as I’m concerned.

So will y’all be dolls and vote for her HERE? There’s not a woman anywhere who deserves it more!

Good luck, Merrie Lynn!