Today’s Woman Beside The Man Laurie Adams!

I’m so excited to introduce you to Laurie from Women Taking a Stand! I want to make special note of the question she poses in #8 because it is directed towards lay people. I’ll let her tell you the rest of her story. Thanks for playing, Laurie!

1. Please share your Real Name and Blog Name:


2. In what area/areas of ministry do you serve alongside your husband? How long have you been in ministry?

We serve as Associate Pastors. Our area of ministry is centered around Christian Education, Visitation, Ministry Outreach, Senior Adult Ministry. We have been in full time ministry for 7 years and prior to that served as interim pastors filling in churches in our district for a year.

In addition to our Pastoral Ministry. I assist my husband when he conducts Christian Education Leaders Training all over the states for the national office of the Assemblies of God. In addition , we serve as the Christian Education Reps for our section in our state.

3. What is your favorite part of being a ministry wife?

Investing in others. Encouraging – especially women. Finding treasure within someone who doesn’t quite see it yet and help them to discover giftings they did not know they have.

4. Describe your personal giftedness. How do you exercise that within the church?

Encouragement, hospitality, Prayer, teaching

I lead a ladies bible study,
I write a weekly church prayer blog,
I invest in ladies of the church by sending out cards of encouragement every week and having lunch with at least one lady a week.
I am a behind the scene person and make a lot of the “small” details happen so my husband doesn’t have to worry about it. I am quite ocd about details.

5. If you have children, what’s the most embarrassing PK thing they’ve ever done? If you do not have children, have you committed a blunder yourself that you can laugh about now?

When filling in at a church, my daughter who was about four years old was in a stage of telling big tales … I mean BIG whoppers. While my husband and I took our place in the sanctuary ready to preach, my daughter went off to children’s church. Following the service, a lady greeted us with laughter and relayed the story of how she inquired of our daughter if she had any brothers or sisters. Our daughter told her that she had a sister but she had died. The lady said “Oh I am so sorry” “how old was she?” “16” My daughter replied. The lady then asked my daughter what her sister died of, and our daughters response? – “She smoked too much”

Funny thing is – that church never asked us back again to preach!

{Lisa here…I’m rolling over this one! Poor, sister. Those cigarettes are bad news. lol}

6. What is the single most important piece of advice you would like to offer other ministry wives?

Family first over ministry.
Ministry is fun!
Don’t ask anything of anybody that you are not willing to do yourself.
Have a servants heart.
Just love the people … God will do the rest.

7. Do you have a question about ministry life you’d like answered by those who reading this spotlight?

If you could name one thing that you need from your Pastors wife…what would it be?

8. Where can we visit you on the web? (blog url)