Woman Beside the Man Rachel Hinton!

Seriously. Can someone please tell me if there is another PW in the world as adorable as Rachel Hinton? And look at that baby?! I love that she exudes joy in ministry and I can promise you – if we lived closer – I’d be hanging out with this darlin’ girl. :)

Y’all please take a minute to get to know Rachel and don’t forget to answer the questions she has for you! If you would like to be featured in Woman Beside the Man, simply send an email to womanbesidetheman@gmail.com and you will receive instructions on how to do so.

1. Please share your Real Name and Blog Name:

My name is Rachel and my blog name is The Hinton Home.

2. In what area/areas of ministry do you serve alongside your husband? How long have you been in ministry?

My husband and I have served on staff as the director and assistant director of youth for three years.

3. What is your favorite part of being a ministry wife?

Seeing spiritual progress in our own lives and in the lives of others. I know we’re supposed to walk by faith, but every now and then God gives us a little peek at what He’s doing and it leaves me wide-eyed and gasping for breath. He is so good. I can’t wait for heaven!

4. Describe your personal giftedness. How do you exercise that within the church?

Right now my passion is encouraging teenage girls. We have a weekly Bible study just for them. I help equip them and cheer them on as they seek the Lord, minister to their schools and make tough, scary decisions for Him. Why in the world do I get to do this?!?

5. If you have children, what’s the most embarrassing PK thing they’ve ever done? If you do not have children, have you committed a blunder yourself that you can laugh about now?

When our baby was three weeks old, my husband was preaching in the main service and he couldn’t pass up the chance to introduce her to the congregation. I carried her up on stage for a portion of the message. Just as he was showing her off, her diaper sprung a little leak and she wet her Daddy mid-sermon!

6. What is the single most important piece of advice you would like to offer other ministry wives?

I’m way too new to this whole thing to offer any wisdom of my own, so I’ll pass along something a mentor shared with me. Make sure your husband knows you’re his biggest fan and loudest cheerleader. Our words mean more to them than they let on. What we say can either fan their passion for what they do or it can snuff it right out, so be gentle.

7. Do you have a question about ministry life you’d like answered by those who reading this spotlight?

I have a thousand! But I’ll spare you. :) How do you handle those handful of people who seem bound and determined to create drama in your husband’s ministry area? Not those people who are advising him/giving helpful feedback/voicing legitimate concerns, but those who seem to want to stir up dissension? How do you keep from taking it personally?

8. Where can we visit you on the web? (blog url)