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Hey Girls!

Please forgive my lack of posting WBTM for the last couple of weeks. I have no good excuse! I am excited to introduce you to sweet Tammie Fay whom I got to meet at Nashville’s Deeper Still back in ’07. Y’all give her a big welcome and be sure to visit her personal blog. I am enjoying these spotlights so much and I truly hope you are too. Now, let’s hear from Tammie Faye!

1. Please share your Real Name and Blog Name:

Name: Tammie Worsham Blog Name: TammieFay

2. In what area/areas of ministry do you serve alongside your husband? How long have you been in ministry?

I serve in Women’s Ministry and teach Adult Women’s Sunday School. 28 years

3. What is your favorite part of being a ministry wife?

Watching people “get it”! Being a part of that. Seeing them fall in love with God’s Word and develop a hunger and thirst for Him!

4. Describe your personal giftedness. How do you exercise that within the church?

I am a teacher. I walked too long in Biblical ignorance as a Christian. 11 years ago I began to pray Psalm 119 over my life. Being the gracious, merciful and truthful God that He is, He answered and my life has been transformed by His living Word. I do not mean to sound over dramatic when I say this, but it is true…I cannot live without it and what is even more amazing is that I don’t even want to try! I am awed by the revelation of Himself that God has left to us. There are too many women in our churches today who are as I was….it is my heart’s desire to see them develop a hunger and thirst for his Word and to know it! To that end, I teach, admonish and encourage through Sunday School, and Women’s Bible Study.

5. If you have children, what’s the most embarrassing PK thing they’ve ever done? If you do not have children, have you committed a blunder yourself that you can laugh about now?

We have 4 daughters, and it has always been important for us to be truthful in all things with our children. For that reason, we made the decision to be truthful about “Santa Clause” with our girls. They always knew their Christmas gifts came from us and of course, we always related the spiritual significance of that. We never wanted to leave an opportunity for any doubt to be placed in their minds about the existence of Jesus (my husband was devastated as a young child when he learned the truth about Santa). When my youngest, who is now 15, was in elementary school, she went about “enlightening” some friends on the playground about Santa. One of them was in our church….got a call that afternoon from her Mom….wanted me to know what my child had done….wanted to know why….wanted me to do something…..wanted my child to recant! I told her I was very sorry that my child had upset hers and then I started trying to explain where my child was coming from….I don’t think that’s what she wanted!

6. What is the single most important piece of advice you would like to offer other ministry wives?

This might fall on some differently than others, depending on the denomination you serve in, but hear me on this…..God is our security! In the denomination I serve, job security is about as “iffy” as a SEC College football coach’s. We might be tempted to think that our husband’s welfare…our family’s welfare, rests in the hands of fallible men. Our God is Sovereign….He IS in control!
“He is your constant source of security. He abundantly provides safety and great wisdom. He gives all this to those who fear Him.” Isaiah 33:6 (NET)

7. Do you have a question about ministry life you’d like answered by those who reading this spotlight?

When you have received criticism about your husband, do you always share with him what you have heard or do you keep it to yourself to shield him?

8. Where can we visit you on the web? (blog url)

His Word Is Life To Me/www.psalm119-5.blogspot.com