A Couple of Things On My Mind

There have been all kinds of happenings this week and if I were a more dedicated blogger, each would have its own post. As it is, my brain is fried and the thoughts of putting to screen any series of coherent thoughts is just not working out for me at the moment. So, how about a random list of stuff that you can weigh in on if you feel so compelled?

1. Miss California. This could really be a full-blown rant but I’m sure there is nothing I could say that you’ve not read elsewhere. However, have you ever watched the movie Tombstone? (If you watch it, see it on cable because it bleeps the bad words.) One of my favorite Doc Holiday lines in the film is, “Wyatt, your hypocrisy knows no bounds.”

And apparently neither does the hypocrisy of Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler. According to this article on Fox News, several former Miss Teen USA’s and former Miss USA’s are filming a PSA to hail the diversity of California. Among the lines included are: “I believe when I express my opinion I have a responsibility to do it in a way that respects others who may not agree … I believe in love … I believe when two people with opposite views communicate with love and respect both points of view can be heard … I believe no one should be silenced if they are speaking from their heart with respect … I believe in the beauty of California.”

Are you stinkin’ kidding me? No one should be silenced but we will pressure you to resign your position and try our best to discredit you with photos taken in an underwear photo shoot? And if that isn’t good enough, then we’ll ‘respect you’ by photoshopping a few more to call your faith into question. But we, the Tolerant Ones, love you and agree everyone should have the right to express themselves. PUH-lease.

And let’s not forget that Katie Blair WHILE SHE WAS REIGNING MISS TEEN USA, was partying with THE REIGNING MISS USA, Tara Conner (who entered rehab for alcohol and drug abuse while being allowed to retain her crown) and the two reportedly kissed one another during MISS UNIVERSE’s birthday bash! I guess as long as they were expressing free love then we can celebrate them and put them in PSA commercials. Or of course, we could be like Shanna Moakler and strip down to nothing for Hugh Heffner. I know that’s a role model I want for my daughter.

Okay, so I said I wasn’t going to full-blown rant, but it’s too late now. It may sound fatalistic to say this is the sad condition of our United States of America and I really don’t believe the overall climate will ever improve. Personally, I believe these things – the utter collapse of any moral and financial structure – must come to pass in order to set up the return of Jesus Christ. For myself, I’ve concluded this is an exciting time to be alive because we are eye witnesses to His Coming Kingdom!

What has become urgently important to me is making sure I am teaching my children and calling on Christian women to be counter-cultural. That we preserve ourselves as a holy remnant. That no matter how much we are in the minority, that we are not afraid to speak out and be set apart from this current age. Our stage may not be that of Miss America’s, but we can not fool ourselves into thinking the days are not already here where these same defining questions will be asked of us and we will have to be ready to give account for the hope that is within us.

We are here for such a time as this.

2. See Number One.