The Unveiling


Thank all of you so very much for your exuberant responses to the book cover! I’m pretty stoked myself, but it makes it so much more real to celebrate with you. The book is not releasing until February 1, 2010. Don’t worry, you’ll hear me shrieking when the thing is actually on a shelf. Truer still, you will probably find me sobbing on the floor in a fetal position at the Chattanooga Life Way. Just step over me and buy the book, ‘kay? :))

Y’all are so precious!


There are some things just too enormous for words. Indeed, in this case, a picture is worth a thousand of them. Or more like 49,000. The photo I am about to show you embodies a mixture of dream and providence. What an amazing thing when the two collide. And now, allow me to introduce you to my newest baby.