More Fun at the Fields

One guess where we spent Thursday night.

Ball fields, you say?

Why, how’d you ever guess?

This game was a little more exciting because it happened to be a Do Over from an unfortunate second game of a double header. It appears in the coaches’ zeal to get two games made up from our schedule, no one (But me! No one would listen!) noticed the other team played with an altogether new and refreshed group of boys while our rag-tag, mad-cause-they-wanted-to-be-elsewhere kids barely drug themselves on the field. Yes, the other team played with an illegal roster and we ended up losing which put us in a playoff situation for first place in our league.

Now I know that I’ve told y’all I’m over baseball and I really am. Really I am. But, when things get close and your kid is completely invested in the outcome, it would take a Supreme Loser Mom not to care just a little about that. I’m pretty certain I’m in the running for Secretary of the Loser Mom Organization but President is not an honor I’m hoping to hold anytime soon.

So, with all that said, Thursday night was the Boy Two’s Do Over. Did I say that already? And yes, we played the Real Team instead of the Stunt Team. I can promise you, however, there was no overconfidence on our part. This photo of the team going face down is evidence of that. (By the way, Luke is the official Chaplain for all our boys’ teams. He is the calm one who invites the Holy Spirit onto the field and isn’t afraid to have a Come-to-Jesus-time-out with overwrought parents and coaches and a certain nameless Chaplain Wife when things get a little insane.)

Here’s Boy Two taking his stand. It’s obvious here why his brothers call him Pipes.

Here’s Boy Three and his girl, Whit. She’s the first girl he has ‘gone out’ with that I’m pretty sure can kick his tail. That’s a must if this relationship is going to make it.

Three’s Ex Girl. And yes, they all hung out together for the game. I will forever love Olivia because she is the one who introduced me to the goodness that is sour gummy worms. We shared an entire container of them at the fields last year and my life hasn’t been the same since.

And finally, here’s Luke – chaplaining. Can you just hear him saying, “Lis, you better not be putting my picture on the blog again.”

Sorry, babe. This new camera is fresh crack to my blog addiction and I just can’t stop myself. And besides, look how cute you are! If posting your picture and bragging on what a blessed woman I am is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Unless you force me, of course, with those Mad Chaplaining Skillz.

(If I don’t come back it’s because he’s killed me.)

Okay, I’m off to do some summer/winter clothing switch out in The Girl’s room and clean out her booby-trapped closet. Just what I’d hoped for on a beautiful Saturday. But, never fear, there is another ball game tonight. It’s for the league championship so say a prayer the game is calm. I don’t even care if we win as long as everyone loves one another after it’s over.

And I mean that.


But it’d be great if we won AND loved each other.

The End.