Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes

I can not even imagine how sick of me you girls are by now because, truly, I’m sick of my own self.  Obviously I’m still kicking the tires on my new website so that it functions best for me and is user-friendly for you. 

One thing that many people have commented on is how much they DO NOT like the ‘read more’ option of the site template that forces you to click to see an entire post.  I had no idea that in a world of clicking we don’t like to click – but I agree!  When I’ve been unable to read a favorite blog for a few days, I like to be able to scroll through old posts instead of choosing each one to read it in its entirety.  I also feel that trying to incorporate my blog into the front page of what I desire to be a ministry website is just too overwhelming so I’m making a couple of changes AGAIN in hopes to resolve all these issues.

I’ve also been grappling with something as of late that is a huge deal to me:  Whether or not it’s time to form an actual ministry – as in naming and claiming the thing I’ve been doing casually for the past several years.  There are many factors in making a decision such as this and I have to be honest and say I’m not ready to say yes or  no.  I told some friends I think I’m waiting on a sign but I don’t know what that will look like.  So biblical, isn’t it?   I’ll share more about that at a later date but for now you need to know that the reason things will be laid out as they are now is a forward thinking move suggested by my dear friend Lauren at Web Ex.  She’s the logical yin to my sanguine yang and has been invaluable to me as I work through what God is trying to accomplish through me in spite of my flakiness.  

With that said, I’ve heard you, I’ve listened.  I know what I need.  I hope this is what you need.   Allow me to continue in sitemap fashion.

1.  THE BLOG.   The blog will always be called The Preacher’s Wife.  It’s my online roots, girls, and I just can’t nor do I want to get around that.  It’s who I be!   This will be the dumping ground for my dailyness.  I’ve determined the best way to administer THE BLOG is by returning to a simplified format.  The BLOG ADDRESS will remain so no need to change your readers.  

2. The MINISTRY SITE:  The website that you’ve seen for the past few weeks is still out there and for now is located at   I will also create a button with that link on this blog so you can easily access that site.  Here’s what will appear there:  General Bible Study Material for EVERYONE, not just PW’s.  There will be new Bible Study coming this fall and it will be hosted out of that site, not the blog.  There will also be the special interest features for ministry wives whom I love with my whole heart and desire to minister to out of the common bond I share with them.  Those areas will be clearly marked.   My speaking schedule will also be available with information on how to contact me if you need a teacher for your event.  (You may be second-guessing any thoughts of that right now.)

At some point, that site will move to a dot com that will reflect a ministry name if that is God’s plan and He gives me one.  I’m feeling it may be time but I’m scared of running out ahead if He’s not there yet, so we’ll see.  When all is completed, this will be the mother ship to all I’m doing and you can access my blog from there as well as continue to read from

Clear as mud?  I thought so.

So, that’s what is going on around here and why everything has been so wonky.  My kids start school Friday and *deep inhale*  I’m going to begin keeping office hours in a little corner I’m carving out at church.  Dragging all my books to my booth at McDonalds is just not cutting it for me anymore though I will miss the free-flowing Diet Dr. Pepper from the depths of my soul.  Maybe I can flirt with my pastor and see if he’ll have a fountain installed for me.  

Please know I’ve been fiercely seeking the Lord on things such as the ways in which He wants me to minister.  I am persuaded and convinced  you are a big part of that plan.  I love each of you and appreciate that you’ve allowed me to be a part of your lives.  It’s a great honor and one I don’t take lightly.