The Month in Pictures

Because I am a blog slacker, I’ve let several weeks of goodness slip by undocumented. In order to spare you great detail, I’ll let pictures say most of the words..

1. Vacation: Our family along with Luke’s Mom, Dad, Sis, BIL, and kids went to St. George Island, FL this summer and it was perhaps one of the best vacations ever. The island is located off the coast of Apalachicola and is very non-commercial –  just like I like it. I literally put on makeup, fixed my hair, and wore something besides pj’s or a swimsuit only one day out of the week. The house had a pool so when we weren’t at the beach, the kids still had plenty of entertainment.


2. My friend Sheryl! Last weekend I spoke at Sheryl Dean’s church. Their fabulous men hosted a Women’s Appreciation Day. The only thing the girls had to do was show up. The men decorated, cooked, and then cleaned. Have you ever? I loved being with Sheryl on her home turf. I love you, Siesta!


3. A little more about Arkansas:  Stephanie is one of the PW’s who helped organize the Arkansas conference last weekend. Her mom and two bff’s stayed in my hotel (they are from Mississippi) and I had the great joy of getting acquainted with them. Every woman needs a circle of friends like these girls. They’ve been besties for years and you can tell there is a deep love between them. Thank you girls for letting me crash your breakfast and lunch tables and making me laugh my head off! (And I’m waiting for the picture of Julie, Stephanie, Julie, Melissa, and me to show up on one of their FaceBooks so I can steal and post it.  They are every one adorable!)


The girls left an OH-mazing gift basket in my room. It was filled with all things Arkansas. It even had Diet Dr. Pepper inside. You have no idea how welcome that was late that night and at 6 am the next morning. I was so spoiled!



Most of you wouldn’t know this but I was born in Jacksonville, Arkansas and lived in Little Rock until I was three or so. (Mom, could you clarify?) Either way, I have an inner Razorback. So imagine my delight when there was a hog head in my basket! He plays the fight song and yells “Here, Sooey” or however it is you call a pig. I’m going to be so obnoxious with it.  As if I needed help.


4. BFF’s: A couple of shots of The Girl and her best girls. Notice we cut her hair off! It was a little traumatic at first but now I love it.

schoolfootballaugustspeaking 006



I don’t understand football in the least. My friends have tried to explain why it is okay to do an onside kick. I think if it’s time for you to turn the ball over, you shouldn’t be allowed to kick it to yourself. Why do they call running rushing? Isn’t that overstating the obvious? Why can’t you block in the back? Isn’t the point to knock everyone down? Should it matter from what direction you hit them?

With all that said, or asked rather, I love the atmosphere of Friday night football even if I don’t understand what’s going on outside a scored touchdown.  Especially when our boys – the underdogs – came through with a smashing win against an arch rival last week to open the season. They even got Team of the Week on a local radio station! Luke is the chaplain for the team and loves those boys like his own.  I don’t know if there is a person in town who wants to see this group succeed more than him.  Well, maybe Coach.  But after that, it’s definitely Luke and The Quarterback Club Posse.   I’m trying really hard to learn football talk because it is his love language. 

I took this picture of the team singing the Alma Mater after the win.  The scene made me cry.


Okay, so you are somewhat caught up. I have lots of website updates to do this week. I hope to have some cool stuff to show you soon!