Church Girls Night Out

Perhaps you’ve heard me say a thousand or so times how much I love my Home Girls. We had a Church Girl Night Out recently with absolutely no agenda whatsoever. I try to explain to women in congregations who are feeling left out that you will never, ever feel connected to the women in your Body until you’ve spent more than one hour per week with them. So, the next time that announcement for CGNO is in the bulletin – take a chance and go! It will be the best thing you’ve ever done..

On this particular night we went to Outback where I had the most delicious medium rare steak. I started to order something less graphic because I was afraid I’d make expectant mom, Deedra, barf with all the bloodiness on my plate but she assured me if I made her sick, she’d move. The thing about Deedra is that I know she meant it so I ordered away. Don’t you love having friends who are straight up truthtellers?

We ate and laughed and ate some more and were still home by 9:30 p.m. That’s the time we just started getting riled up back in the day. I am so incredibly grateful those have passed. As it is, if Mamaw turns into a pumpkin at 10 p.m.

Which makes me think.. Church Girl Night Outs are decidedly different than the secular variety. You know you are on a CGNO when..

1. Your ‘limo’ is a church bus.
2. You’ve debated over who has to drive the church bus.
3. You’ve carefully arranged those prone to carsickness so they can see out of the front window of the bus.
4. You’ve freaked out when the one who agreed to drive the bus runs over curbs and/or cuts off another car in traffic.
5. You’ve worried about the name of your church being tattooed onto the bus when you act like crazy women in the restaurant.
6. Your husbands call 37 times to find out what time you’ll be home.

And I’m sure there are more… Can you add to the list?? Better yet, what are some of the ways you’ve been able to connect with your church girls outside of the building??

I love you, My Homies! Here are a couple of pictures I took that night.. I’m mad at myself for not getting one of the entire group.

mule day 2009 westbrook football 036 Rhonda and daughters, Hayley and Macy

mule day 2009 westbrook football 034 Tammy and The Rest of the Gang

mule day 2009 westbrook football 033 Birthday Girl Holly and Precious Beth

jennyverniemacy Macy, Vernie (Another Expectant Momma with Girl Three!), and Jenny.