A Weekend With the Girls

I covet your prayers as I head to Pigeon Forge to teach a retreat this weekend.  There will be lots of famliar faces and many new ones as well.  I’m not one to sit and whine but let me just give myself a moment and say THIS HAS BEEN ONE RIPPED UP DAY.   There is no one thing that even deserves mention and comparatively my troubles are light and momentary.  But lots of light and momentary has added up to heavy and unending.  I’m on my back but the thing is….I refuse to stay there.  My God is mighty to save and you’d better know He and I are going to have a talk about that.  I’m believing Him for a manifestation of His immeasurable power because He promises an unending supply to those who are weak.  Therefore, I qualify.

Because I believe the Lord dwells in the prayers of His children, if you would say my name to God – not for me but on behalf of the women who need to hear a Word from Him through a teacher who is NOT insane and who are experiencing life situations to which mine pale in comparison –  then I will be forever grateful. 

I shall return on Monday bearing  testimony to His faithfulness..