Some Powerful PW’s


A few months back my wonderful friend Mary Beth Bradshaw invited me to be the speaker for  Michigan’s Assemblies of God State PW Retreat.  This is one of the first opportunities I’ve had to address a group of straight up ministry wives so to say I’ve been chomping at the bit to put my arms around them is an understatement.   I’m still cringing even now at how overzealous I was with my southern hugging.   I just couldn’t help myself!  You can’t even imagine how cute these girls were.  I was floored by the smiles on their faces and testimonies of God’s faithfulness in their lives and ministries.  I promise I gleaned much more from them than they ever did me.  

The Lord compelled me to teach from 2 Timothy 1:6-7 so we were reminded together about the spirit of power the Lord promised to those He has called. I didn’t get her picture, but I have to give a shout to my girl Heidi who led us in worship. Girlfriend can SING and it was a great joy for me to get my praise on with my AG sisters.

I just love going to retreats and learning new ideas. These girls had a ‘Speed Friending’ session where we spent 30 seconds finding out all we could about the person we were paired with. SO FUN! They also had a contest prior to the conference where they took applications for a Total Makeover Package. The winner got a Spa Day complete with haircut, color, and a new outfit. There was a before picture and then the darlin’ recipient, Christa (I hope I remembered that righ?), made a grand entrance for the ‘reveal’. Again, FABULOUS idea if you are looking for some cool things to pump up excitement for your next girls’ weekend. Something tells me my homies would be all over the spa package.  Speak nicely to your PW and we’ll see what we can do about that..:)  

Mary Beth was also very humble about the fact she is AG ROYALTY as well as one of the most talented skit/drama writers I’ve ever heard in my life.  These are the Michigan District Leadership Wives singing a hysterical song  MB wrote about the shoes we wear in different seasons of life.  I’d give anything to have a video of it.  Seriously, dudes have no idea how to have fun.  Can you imagine their going to this much trouble just to entertain one another?

threebdaymichigan 023

No recap would be complete without mentioning how shamelessly pampered I was by these girls. After a long day of flying, I can not even tell you how these pillows spoke to me.

threebdaymichigan 017

Would you look at this room? The conference was held at the new Midland, MI Holiday Inn. I don’t know if any of you are in that area, but the facilities are beautiful, the staff treated us wonderfully and the catering was delicious.

threebdaymichigan 011

Ahh, and finally here is Mary Beth and me. I don’t have a clue what my flat hair was doing but I love that I got to hug this woman in person and that our friendship has officially transcended the computer.

threebdaymichigan 025

Michigan Girls, I just want to say again how instantaneously I fell in love with you and thank you for allowing me to serve you this weekend! Remember, you are POWERFUL!