In Search of the Perfect Laundry Detergent/Softener Combination

Before we went to Florida last week, I actually got all my laundry done save for a couple of loads of towels that were still wet because my dryer didn’t keep up with the washer.  (My darlin’ MIL took care of that for me once she arrived.) And yes, this is where I lust once again for the cherry red front load set that sings her siren song to me every time I’m in Lowe’s.

I’ve tried very hard to keep the piles of dirty clothes manageable since we’ve gotten home.  I must be doing a pretty good job because Boy Two actually congratulated me for keeping his jeans washed and folded.  I’ve always wanted to be appreciated but somehow his praises felt like an insult.  Either way, let’s just say I’ve established that clean clothes have been on my brain lately.

You would think after 20+ years of washing, I would have come up with a detergent/fabric softener combination that would guarantee wonderful smelling clothes.  I’m terrible about buying what is on sale vs. being loyal to a brand but I have finally decided that even if it costs a bit more, I’m willing to spend it to have lingering freshness.  The main reason is that Luke sniffs every single shirt and/or pair of pants before he’ll put them on for fear he’ll get something soured.  And y’all know how that works.. you never know if you’ve got one until you’ve worn it a couple of hours. I don’t sour clothes on purpose, but there was this certain incident years ago when my man wore a funky shirt in the blazing heat on a construction site and it’s scarred him for life.  Hence, all the sniffing.  So even if I have to spend a bit more cash, if I can minister to my man through fragrance, so be it.

Here’s the thing, I hit the right product combination about three weeks ago but I don’t remember what I used because – once again –  I had bought something on sale.   I know it was some kind of Tide and either Downy or Snuggle but for the life of me I can’t figure which.  Right now I am using Tide with a hint of Downy and April Fresh Downy.  That is not the combo.  My clothes don’t stink, they just don’t retain that good smell. 

Is any of this making any sense?

So I’m coming to you to ask simply, do your clothes smell fabulous?  If they do, will you tell me your secret? 

Luke will be forever grateful.

p.s.  For you ministry wives playing the Scavenger Hunt, remember to get your posts ready by Monday night so I can get the list of questions prepared.  I am having a BLAST reading your answers.  So fun!!