Fall Women’s Banquet ’09

Saturday night was my church’s Women’s Banquet. This is one of the two major events we have each year (the other being our weekend retreat) and it is always such a fabulous time. One of the most fun things about our night is visiting all the great tables that the ‘hostesses’ create. Seriously, girls will go through a whole lot of trouble to throw themselves a good party.

Speaking of a good party, this year it was gooder than ever because our men rose to the challenge to both cook and serve the banquet for us.  The food was delicious.  I mean really delicious.  What’s cooler than that is I’m overhearing them brainstorming for next year on how to do things even more awesomely.  Next year – as in they are planning on doing it again!  Without me even asking!  We love you guys and you have no idea how you made this dinner even more special.  Your PW thanks you from the bottom of my heart! 

I was also so excited that Mary Snyder came to be our speaker. She delivered a relevant word in the midst of some serious belly laughs.  Darlin’ Nikki Murdock met up with us and to say my worlds seriously collided is an understatement. Turns out that Nikki had family in my teeny town! Buried in the local cemetery even! She belongs where I live more than I do. Who knew? Seriously though, it was so great to have these girls on my turf and have my bloggy friends and church friends converge in one place. My heart is full. Completely full.

Pics from the night:


One of Karri’s over-the-top tables.  She and Holly were also responsible for the buffet and room decorations.  I’m hoping someone got more pictures than I did.   These girls worked their magic and our dinky fellowship hall was transformed.


A random piece of cake.  It’s deliciousness required documentation. 


Angie and Deenie.  Total sweethearts.


Deedra’s table except Deedra couldn’t be there because her pregnancy blood pressure wasn’t cooperating.  And great news!  The baby was born Sunday night.  Mother and baby are well  but baby is a bit premature.  Y’all please keep the family in your prayers.


Kim and Karri.  Kim has been my bestie for 20 + years.  Nothing like old friends.


The Clements Women.  This is one godly heritage!


Jenny.  I’m so incredibly mad at myself for not getting a picture of her with Victoria and Tonia who led our worship music.  I have one word for their harmony:  TIGHT.


Vernie, Amy, Diane, and Gail.  Another precious group of girls.  I’m so completely in love with every last one of them!  Their Christmas table put me right in the mood for the holidays.


Farrah, Tena, Anita, and Keena….I could cry looking at your sweet faces!

banquet8 Sisters Shannon, Wendy, and Holly.  We missed Sister #4, Mary Ann!


Leslie and Tammy.  Leslie is a friend of Tammy’s who joined us for the night.  I love meeting my friend’s friends!


Gaye, Cheryl (our beloved secretary), Diane, and Tania (my beloved hair stylist).   Their table was stunning and like a doofus I didn’t get a good picture of it. 


Gail, Sarah, Kathryn, and Lois.  My Titus Two women!

banquet22 (2)



The Nikki-Mary pics.  Please note I was pattern-coordinated with my table.  Completely unplanned.

November Fball Playoffs and Banquet 077

What happens when you leave your camera unattended.

November Fball Playoffs and Banquet 076

What happens when you leave the communion wine unattended.   Oh, I kid.  We keep that stuff locked up.  Brooke brought her own.


I hope you ladies had as much fun as I did!   All of your friendships are a gift to me and it was incredible to spend this time together with you.

For the rest of you, I’d love to hear about your women’s ministry and what types of events you do for your ‘big’ things!