It’s Almost Scavenger Hunt Time!


Hey Scavenger Hunt Girls! 

First I have to tell you that I have loved visiting all of your blogs from the cockles of my heart.   Wherever those are.  Whoever believed that ministry wives were boring or didn’t love chocolate or were on time to church or didn’t hide from company when the doorbell rang unexpectedly was just flat out deceived.  Y’all are a DE-light and it has been incredibly fun speed-friending those of you I am meeting for the first time and  learning more about you girls I’ve known for a while.  Seriously, thank you for playing along with my freakish little game and keeping me from melting into a puddle of insecurity. 

This post serves as a reminder that I’ll be publishing the questions for our scavenger hunt at 12:01 AM Wednesday (as in just after midnight tonight).  Here are a couple of things to remember:

1.  To participate you must have posted the link to your Treasure Questionnaire on the Mr. Linky.  {That Linky is now closed.}

2.  There are 25 Questions.  Some will require multiple answers as in:  Name three women who live in Colorado.   Okay, so that’s not one of the questions but you get what I’m saying.

3.  Comment moderation is enabled so you will not see your answers nor anyone else’s.  The FIRST TWO girls to submit 100% accurate responses will win the cookbooks.  BUT WAIT!  There will also be a drawing for a consolation prize from the rest of you who complete The Hunt so don’t give up just because you think too much time has passed! 

4.  Will some of you start from the end of the Linky List instead of the beginning?  If I worked it correctly(and that will be a miracle), every woman on the List should fit a description in one of the questions.  I don’t want the girls at the end to feel left out if you find your answers before you get to #47.

5.   I know you will be in a hurry but take a second to comment on the blogs you visit.  Nothing worse than knowing people are all up in your house and didn’t even bother to say hi. 

Okay, so any more questions???  Ask away now so you’ll be ready to roll!