M2M Scavenger Hunt Questions


Okay, girls…it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for!  Here are the M2M Scavenger Hunt Questions.  Please note that you may be asked to give more than one answer for a question:  Example:  Name 4 women who are always on time to Sunday School.  If there are multiple answers to a question, it will be marked in bold.  If a number is not noted, I’m only asking for one name in the answer.

Other Things to Remember: 

1.  Your comments will be hidden.  No need to re-submit if you don’t see your responses.  I will be verifying your answers in order to announce the winners and to prevent others from borrowing from your responses. 

2.  The FIRST TWO to respond with 100 percent correct answers will win the cookbooks.  There may be more than one correct answer but all will be checked for accuracy.  

3.  Everyone’s answers will be posted after the winners are verified.

Ready, Set, Visit, Visit, Visit! 

M2M Scavenger Hunt Questions

1.  Can quote The Godfather.

2.  Four who freak when the doorbell rings.

3.  Two who don’t. (There’s a lot less of you. :)

4.   Is headed to the mission field.

5.  Three who can’t live without coffee.

6.  Two who have lived in 5 or more homes. 

7.  Two with parsonage ‘maintenance issues’. (This could include mice..lol)

8.  Loves the t.v. show,  The Duggar’s.

9. Two who live outside the United States.

10.  Ministered in the same location for 10 or more years.

11.  Three afraid to admit they watch questionable television.  (Y’all are some trash watchin’ PW’s!!  lolol)

12.  Can’t bring herself to throw away old items of clothing that either don’t fit or are torn.

13.  Church pet peeve is people dying. { Only PW’s can appreciate that one!!! ha!}

14.  Has lived in 10 or more homes.

15.  Has only lived in one home. 

16.  Was late to Sunday School because she was reading Scavenger posts! :)

17.  Has vines in her blog design.

18.  Lives in a ‘Church Manse’.  {I love that!}

19.  Folded 256 pairs of socks in one sitting.  My hero.

20.  Loves LOST. (We are totally starting a Club when it the last season begins!) 

 21.  Has coffee or water in her blog design.

22.  Two who use a crockpot for Sunday Lunch. 

23.  Three mothers of three.

24.  Can’t bear to throw away receipts.

25.  Two homeschoolers.


Remember, you have until midnight Thursday night to submit your answers. 


There will be a consolation drawn from the remaining entries completed by the deadline so don’t give up even if you think someone has beat you to the answers!