Thank You, Dr. Google

These past two weeks on The Blog have been so incredibly fun.  First there was the Scavenger Hunt (thank you again for playing!) and then all the great conversation on this post and this one.  You girls are so insightful which is one of the reasons I love opening discussions for you to run with instead of just writing to hear my keyboard roar. You really have no idea how sick I get at the sound of my own voice in my head. 

It may seem a sappy thing to say, but I have enjoyed re-forging my relationships with you since I’ve finally got my blog back on track.  The last few months have been pretty confusing as I’ve navigated some unchartered waters in personal and ministry related stuff.  One thing on my List of Issues Which Must Be Resolved was whether or not to continue blogging.  When I considered the implications of laying it down and providing more of an informational rather than relational site, I got dern near weepy.  Truth is, I just couldn’t imagine my day to day without this community to laugh and cry and ponder alongside.  So here I sit typing away because I love conversation – no matter how ridiculous at times –  and also love y’all too, man.  Notice I said that all casual because I have approach-avoidance issues.  My answer is flavored with faux ambivalence because I fear revealing my true emotional investment.

Y’all didn’t know you were going to end up smack dab in the middle of my therapy session specifically tailored for me by the brilliant internet psychiatrists on Wikipedia, did you? 

Which makes me laugh because I’ve been on a  self-diagnosis kick as of late.  For two solid weeks I was absolutely convinced I had a brain tumor because when I bent over to dry my hair my occipital lobe throbbed.  The internet assured me I either had a sinus infection or a mass in my head.  Nothing like living between those two extremes until it either resolved or killed me.  Really, it was touch and go for a while but after holding my nose and blowing until my ears popped a few times, the problem seems to have gone away.  Who needs antibiotics when an aneurysm will do the trick?  

Perhaps I can write off my dsl service as medical copays. 

Please tell me I’m not the only one who regularly visits Dr. Google?

This post took a very strange turn that I did not intend whatsoever but hello, have we met?  You are used to that by now.  In an incredibly round about way,  my intent was to thank you for your companionship – no matter how weird I sometimes reveal myself to be.  I don’t really know why you keep coming back but you do and I don’t take it for granted.   You’ve done more in the way of providing me cheap therapy than Dr. Google ever did.   

For that and so many other things, I thank you.  Very much.  

The End.