My Happy Place

Two weeks of Christmas Vacation are now over and as hard as it was to say goodbye, I managed to drop the kids off at the school house and squeal away in a fit of maniacal laughter.

Oh, not really.

They walked.

(Yet another perk of living next door to the church AND the school. Could my life be any easier?)

For real, as much fun as we’ve had over the holidays I’ve been craving some routine and today, oh blessed day, I finally got it. For the first time in a sweet forever, I settled into my little chair behind my little desk in my little room at the church and sighed.

My happy place.

It’s really nothing special, this little room of mine. It was originally a pastor’s office before a new sanctuary was built, then a junk room, then a library, and was quickly becoming a junk room again until I claimed it as my own. Don’t know if anyone at the church minds but better to ask forgiveness than permission I always say.

Why is it my happy place? Because it’s cleaner than my house. Because I’m surrounded by books. Because it’s solitary. Because the block walls block the internet connection so there is no distraction. Because it feels like God gave it to me as a tiny corner of the Universe to do the thing He’s asked of me. I read a quote by an athlete (can’t remember his name) not long ago that said, “God made me fast and when I run, I feel His pleasure.” I guess I feel a little like that while I’m in that room praying and studying and writing and contemplating.

You know I gotta ask….do you have a Happy Place? One where you can run and feel His pleasure? Doesn’t necessarily have to be a location. It may just be a state of mind or a certain thing you do that causes you to be aware of His favor or motivates you to follow harder after Him. I’d love to hear about it…