Look to the Right…

I’ve been tweaking on my sidebar this weekend and wanted you to notice a couple of things:

1.  I’ve added a section for any current giveaways of ‘Cute Shoes’ so you will be aware of all the opportunities to win a copy.  A lot of these darlin’ girls have included some reviews so if you want to know what you are getting in to before you buy it, then check those out!  Also, if you are hosting a giveaway make sure I know about it so I can list you.  I’m not aware of who received review copies from the publisher.  (Current giveaways are from Sarah @ Life in the Parsonage and Meredith @ Life at 7000 Feet.)

2.  Our Married to the Ministry blogroll has gotten enormous!  I did a lot of updates on it this weekend but still have about 20  more names to add.   I try to note the new entries with NEW beside the names so you can easily spot our new girls.  I’ve also added a section to my sidebar to start featuring your blogs each week.  I began with the first five but I’ll probably do something more random at some point when I figure out the best way to do that.  At any rate, y’all visit!  Mingle!  Send one another some love!  It’s a wonderful world behind that little button and I want to be sure y’all don’t miss all the great blogs listed there.

3.  A few weeks ago I added a plug in that links the last post each commenter wrote on her own blog.  I love that!  Just wanted to be sure you noticed it.  I’m really hoping y’all are using that little feature to visit one another.  Which begs another question…what are you favorite little things on some of the blogs you read most?

4.  Also added is the plug in for This Day, Past Years.  It’s an archive of the posts that I wrote, guess when, the same day of all the past years I’ve blogged.  It’s so fun to compare what was going on in life exactly one or two or three years ago to the day.  Fun for me anyway.  For example, last year I was lamenting not being able to go to the LPM Ministry Wife conference.  Now that I’ve been reminded, I”m bummed all over again.  Loads of fun.

Okay, so that’s it!  I’m off to run errands today.  Bank, dry cleaners, boring stuff.  

What are y’all up to this great Monday?