If the Globe Gets Any Warmer

The last few days in Alabama have been snowy, baby!  I don’t even remember the last time we had a significant dusting so to have several inches on the ground more than once this winter has me wondering if the government has pointed the HAARP towards the deep south.

The ionosphere must be out of whack to see this in my front yard:

1.  The beginnings of Snow Girl aka the first snow creation my kids have built since 2000 which consequently makes it the first they remember.  She has a much larger base but Luke couldn’t lift her middle section.  I’m so glad Papaw didn’t decide he had something to prove and throw his back out trying it anyway.  How do you explain that to your friends?

2.  Boy Three on Snow Girl’s original backside.  She’s definitely got some junk on her trunk.

3. No day in the snow is complete without a snowball fight. This isn’t going to end up well.

4.  Boy Three nailed Two in the face. I don’t like where this is headed.

5.  His hair is even invested in this warfare. Warfare hair. I need me some of that.

6.  Three knows he is in trouble so he runs to hide behind me.   I locked the door and continued taking photos like any good mom would.

7.  The finished Snow Girl complete with the obligatory hat and broom. At least we gave her a smaller tail.

We just got a phone call saying that is school is out again tomorrow. 

Somebody point that HAARP at my head.