From Fairy to Philanthropist

I loved hearing about your kids in this post.  Remember how I told y’all my Girl wanted to be a fairy when she grew up?  Well, there’s been a new development that I’m oh-so-proud to share.

Last Wednesday, the Awana director at church issued a challenge to all the classes to see who could raise the most money to aid Haiti.   I’ve never been one to shield my kids from the terrible things going on in the world.  I think they need to be exposed to suffering so they can both: a) freshly appreciate how very blessed they are and b) be moved to act on behalf of those who the Lord calls ‘the least of these’.  I’ve made a point of showing the news stories and explaining how dire the needs were of the children left with no adults to care for their needs.  The Girl decided in her precious little heart that she was going to do something to help those children, hence, the Candy for Haiti movement has been born.

The Girl asked me if I would let her sell candy at school to raise money.  I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t altogether sure if that would even be allowed.  She assured me her teacher let other kids sell things in class so I caved just to get her to stop begging.  She started her project last week and just turned in $18.50 raised one quarter at a time.

Would you look at that face?  Could you say no even if you wanted to?


What came to my mind immediately was how we’d just finished talking about recognizing qualities in your children that the Lord could use for the Kingdom.  The timing of Girl’s sudden obsession with helping the Haitian children wasn’t lost on me.  It hasn’t mattered to her one bit that she can’t fix the whole problem.  She just seems to understand that everyone can do  something and believe me, she isn’t resting until she does.

Yep, sounds like a Girl the Lord can use mightily to me.

Even if she does look like a fairy.