‘Cute Shoes’ Online Discussion Group ~ Week One

At long last I welcome ministry wives and lay people alike to the discussion group for You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes..And Other Great Advice from an Unlikely Preacher’s Wife! (That’s quite a mouth full, huh?  Brevity has never been my gift.)  To my fellow PW’s, I hope you will find this book to be a girlfriend’s guide to everything I wish someone had told me about a life in ministry before I had to learn it the hard way.

To the dear lay people who have opted to join us in this discussion:  You have no idea how thrilled I am that you are here!  In my years in the church one thing of which I’m convinced is that we can not operate independently of one another and expect our relationships to thrive.  I hope this outlet will be a forum of sorts where we can gain some mutual understanding on our perceptions of life inside the stain-glassed windows. 

One last note before we get started.  If you didn’t sign the roll call that by no means keeps you from this Discussion!  Join along anytime you can.  Our discussion for Week One will take place in the comments of this post.  You will have until next Tuesday to log your responses here before next week’s assignment.  Capiche?  Also, for ease of identifying one another, be sure to begin each comment with your name, area of ministry/layperson, age, and state.  I hope that will be an aid in our recognizing each other more fully each week.   Also, if you don’t yet have your copy, there is a link in my sidebar with online/store front locations where it is available.

Let’s get to it!

Today we are going to cover Chapter One – His Calling Is My Calling, Too.  In it I shared a great deal of Luke’s and my backstory in how God rescued our marriage and then planted our feet in ministry.  Girlfriends, I could have written a whole book on that alone so know that I exercised great restraint to fit it in a couple pages.  I love to hear the stories of surrender from you. 


Ministry Wives:  Give a brief background on how the Lord called you to ministry.  Did you always know you would be a minister’s wife?  Were you happy about it?  Not? 

Lay People:  Have you personally witnessed the working of the Lord on a couple’s life and their subsequent call to service?  What were some of the things you recognized in the couple that caused you to believe they would be called out?

The next portion of this scripture uses the relationship of Abraham and Sarah as the backdrop of how our own callings should be characterized.


Ministry Wives:   Which of characterizations most resonated with you?  (Called to trust, participate, or hope?) 

Lay Wives:  How did these areas apply to your own marriage relationships?

I’m going to leave it at these questions today since the answer to #1 could be lengthier.  Feel free to call out anything else in this first chapter that really stuck with you.

Again, thank you for playing along.  I absolutely can not wait to take this road trip with you!