The Proper Way To Smoke

Oh, don’t freak out.  I don’t smoke or at least if I did, I’d do the proper preacher wife thing and keep it a deeply hidden secret.

The smoking I’m referring to are the smokin’ ‘hot coals’ Paul refers to in Romans 12:17-21 that he promises are heaped upon the heads of those people whom we repay kindness for evil.  This idea is one of many in scripture that require much more than a cursory reading to understand the intent of the instruction.  This is my personal ‘go to’ passage in life and ministry anytime I find myself in conflict or tempted to be unforgiving or vengeful.   The inability to forgive is one of the most common subject of notes I receive from you girls who are struggling in relationships – whether they be within your church, workplace, friendships, or in your own home.  

I’m telling you all of this because I’ll be sharing on this topic Tuesday, March 16, at 10 a.m. during the Woman Inspired Online Conference that is taking place all this week.  For those of you unfamiliar with the format, you basically sign in to a website that enables you to hear and view audio/power point presentations from many, many speakers.    If you haven’t yet registered or want to learn more, you can do so here

Here’s  a synopsis of my session.  I hope you will listen in!

Heaping on Coals:
Practical Steps to Exercising Biblical Forgiveness

Forgiveness.  It’s a thing easier said than done – especially when the person who needs grace isn’t asking for it.  The truth is, friends betray out of impure motives.  Coworkers lie to manipulate their way into that position you’ve always wanted.  Husbands and/or boyfriends leave when they aren’t  ‘in love’ any more.  Church members gossip about your child’s problems rather than offer support.  Life hurts, people hurt, and yet we are exhorted to overcome.

 What does it mean to forgive and forget?  Is that even realistic?  How is it fair to me if I let that person off the hook for what they have done?  Will I have to be a bff to that one (or many!) who wronged me?  How can I move past all this bitterness so my intimacy with God, my service to Him, and trust in others can be renewed?  Join Lisa for a teaching on Romans 12:17-21 to learn practical steps towards allowing God room to mend broken hearts and relationships.

So tell me, are you struggling with unforgiveness? Feel free to share in the comments so we can pray for one another and I can hopefully present you with a teaching that will meet your needs!