Secure in the ATL

This past weekend was the So Long Insecurity simulcast at Woodstock Baptist in Atlanta. I’m wouldn’t characterize myself as an insecure person but perhaps the fact I just told you that proves contrary.

I should have taken better notes.

Aside from hearing our Siesta Mama call us out on all our issues – in love of course – I had the chance to see many, many blog friends. Some I’ve known In Real Life for a while, others I got to hug for the first time.

Friday night we met up at the fabulous Pappasito’s .  These are my girls Fran, Karen, Becky Jo, Jan, and Teri.  Not even 1/10th of the size of our group.  I felt so sorry for our waiters.  All of the shrieks as a new face walked in the door had to be more than their hearts could stand.

I love Georgia Jan!  She’s the pastor’s wife I want to be when I grow up.  So full of wisdom.  So full of fun.  She can mother us and crack us up all at the same time.  What a treasure.

Move over Jan, it’s time for Fran.   Isn’t she wonderfully photogenic?  Mrs. America, for real.

Fran’s Boyfriend.  She was smitten with his lyrical and fashionable stylings. 

My home girl, Brooke.  She was also my traveling companion to San Antonio for the Siesta Fiesta.  She is the most fun road trippin’ bff in the world.  We laughed ourselves into delirium over things of which I can not speak.  I love you my friend.

Behold, the Pappasito’s table side guacamole.  It was the best I’ve ever eaten in my life.   Can I just tell you how naive I am?  I thought it was free.  What?  Why would Pappasito’s give away free guacamole?   I was chowing down on someone else’s dish – I don’t even know whose – before I ordered my own.  No doubt she was thinking, ‘dang girl, get your own food!’.  I’m really sorry.  I was even sorrier when I found out it cost $9.95.  

My roomies, Karen and Anna Nicole.   I’d never met Karen before this weekend and it’s official.  I’m in love.  This woman has a fire in her bones.  And of course who doesn’t adore that Nikki?  She’s the only person in my life who sends me handwritten snail mail cards for no reason whatsoever.  I wish my son were 10 years older.  They would marry – I would make sure of it.

Abby, the rock star.  She promises I can be her backup dancer.  Lindsee Lou – the girl with the best bangs ever.  Jen my new friend.  She and Lindsee hit it off from the beginning.  It’s like they had been bff all their lives.  (Back story:  They have been bff all their lives, flew to the conference together from Houston, but Karen didn’t know it and introduced them to one another when she found out they were from the same town.  Classic.)

This picture is for old times sake.  In San Antonio the girls were always hitching a ride in the cargo hold.  Some things never change.  

Kim and Robyn.  I epicly failed to get a picture of either of them on my camera so I totally stole this from someone.  Don’t know who.  But thank you.

There are lots more pictures floating around on Facebook that I’d love to continue thieving but the truth is – I’m lazy.  And I’m secure in that. 

And saving the first for last, I owe y’all a winner on the book giveaway.  The numbers are 12 and 13 as randomly chosen by my daughter.  That means that Kay from Off the Beaten Path Ministries and Julie from Come Have a Peace are the winners!  Girls, send your mailing addresses to thepreacherswife1 AT gmail DOT com to claim your book.

Okay, I have to get.  It’s time to get supper on the table.  My son just said, “Mom, you have no idea how happy it makes me to smell meat.” 

Alrighty, then.