She Doesn’t Get it From Me

We celebrated Memorial Day by first remembering those who have died in service to our country and then – according to my kids – attempting to kill them by forcing them to do some cleaning and organizing. 

One of the major things on my list was to get all the clean clothing from the laundry room into the respective kids’ closets and drawers.  That is a little difficult when a certain little girl has way too many clothes and her loser mom has yet to change out her winter wardrobe.  In a surprise move, my little daughter offered to clean out her chest so we could make room for her summer stuff.  When I went in to her room tonight to make ready for bedtime, this is what I found:

She made two neat stacks and labeled them accordingly: 

“to little.”

“don’t like.” 

And that was it.  No “I’ll keep these until I lose 5 lbs.” or “This might come back in style if I keep it long enough.”  I love the simplicity of it.

And the innocence of this makes me smile and tear up at the same time:


My darlin’ child happily playing with her American Girl “Just Like Me” doll after a job well done.

I am verklempt.


(Shocking, I know.)