Diverse Facts Do Not a Blog Post Make

There have been several potential blog topics rolling around in my head but when I attempted to put them to screen, it became obvious that none of them would comprise an entire post. The fact that I have just admitted I lack the ability to blabber on for a few paragraphs about absolutely nothing should serve as testimony that I am either suffering from aspartame poisoning or that we’ve just started Vacation Bible School. Or both. Yes, most likely both.

So, in an attempt to provide some positively uninspiring thoughts for your consideration, I present the Top Five Blogs I Would Write If I Weren’t So Lazy:

1. I read magazines from back to front. I’m always disappointed when I get to the back pages only to find lots of ads and other things I don’t care about so I get that over with first. My favorite subscriptions as of late? Real Simple and Southern Living. I got both for $5/one year in an Amazon Deal of the Day. Favorite reason to read magazines: decorating ideas and recipes.

2. I lack the ability to stop the gas pump on an even dollar amount. If I go over one cent, I will try to roll to the next dollar only to go over 2 cents. And don’t even get me started on those little televisions at the Walmart Murphy stations. They place those on purpose so people like me will get distracted and pump $100 while watching sitcom commercials. Or $100.01.

3. I am insanely proud of Allison Black who represented our school and community in the Scripps National Spelling Bee this past week. She was the very first speller and opened with the word ‘serendipity’. Quite fitting for a girl who is finding joy in unexpected places after losing her precious dad, Randall, a few months ago.

4. We began Saddle Ridge Ranch Vacation Bible School Monday. I am co-teaching a 5th/6th grade class. Note to others working with this same age group: they will look at you strangely and with contempt if you ask them to yodel their memory verse.

5. The house is coming right along. Carpenters are framing the upstairs and we are supposed to have those thingies that hold the roof up by the end of the week. I’ve learned carpenters do not take a woman seriously who asks questions about the thingies that hold the roof up but thankfully this group of guys is way too sweet to make me feel badly because of it. I baked them cookies tonight to make up for having to talk to me on a regular basis.

I hope this week finds you well and hopefully blogging more intentionally than yours truly. It may sound like cheese, but I really do appreciate your coming ’round anyway.

Your notes make my day.