A Sweet Giveaway

For any of you who know much of my back story, you’ll remember I didn’t become a Christian until I was 21-ish.  When I began attending church regularly I was familiar with some of the hymns that were sung but knew none of the ‘choir specials’.  The whole realm of Christian music was wide open for discovery.  Luke and I went to Bible College and to be honest, I was a little uptight where this new-fangled ‘contemporary’ Christian music was concerned.  I mean really.. a drum beat?  Melodies that sounded like they belonged on secular radio?  “Surely sinful”, said I.  I had repented of Prince and Janet Jackson so in my estimation any sound that even hinted of  ‘Purple Rain’  had to go.

I finally got over my prudeness after a friend introduced me to the radical stylings of Steve Green and I realized I really liked the departure from the uber-traditional.  I still appreciate the great theology in the classic hymns but I’m no longer a zealot in what is permissible as long as it is Christ-honoring. (Hence my affinity for TobyMac and Kirk Franklin.  They fill the Prince-sized void in my soul.)   Once I came to that realization, one of the first groups whose cd I actually purchased was Point of Grace (Free to Fly!). I heard them at a Women of Faith conference and just fell in love with the harmony and the flat out way I was encouraged when I listened to their songs. 

So when I received an email that Heather Payne of the group had released a solo cd and also asked if I would be interested in telling you about it, I was all, “Ummm, yes, sign me up please.”   So here I am telling you that if you are in love with those POG girls and also love classic hymns, then Heather’s “Sweet Exchange” is for you.  The title track is great but she had me at ‘Be Thou My Vision’.  One of the greatest songs, EVER.  There is a listening party HERE for you to check out the album in its entirety.   

And I know it is totally irrelevant, but as I’m looking at the cd cover it is worth a mention that Heather’s outfits are adorable.  I need to know where she got that ruffled shirt on the back and the open cardigan on the front.  And something else I didn’t know about her?  She’s a minister’s wife and mom of four.  So of course she is awesome.

The best part of all this jabber is that Heather’s people have offered 2 copies of her cd for me to give to you.  To enter, simply tell us the name of your favorite hymn!  And as a side note,  does your church sing them in a key you can hit?  Ours is high and since I can’t go there, I have to dig deep and come out with some bass.  “Where the Soul of Man Never Dies” is my favorite.  I sing Johnny Cash’s part and it’s really something to hear.   Just ask anyone to my right or left or front or rear. 

Wait, they’ve moved. 

(Y’all remind me to tell you about the time I accidentally ended up in the soprano section of our Bible college musical in which I played the part of a pregnant angel.)

 I will collect entries until Thursday and announce the winner on Friday.  Be certain to leave a current email in the entry so I’ll have a way to contact the winner!