Poor, Poor Penguin

Saturday we took the kids from church to Santa’s Village in Huntsville, AL.  We all had such a great time and with the exception of a smushed penguin and my Sam after a lady dashed his childhood creativity, we all returned home with a healthy dose of Christmas cheer to kick off the season.

There were scenes scattered throughout the village and they were all delightful except for this one.  If The Burger King had a north pole cousin, this guy would be him. 

Speaking of distant relatives, this is Jack, the Country Cousin to Rudolph.

This is Poor Penguin. He (she?) was unaware that my kids have an unhealthy obsession with penguins. Sam gave it a very, very enthusiastic hug.  It was not amused.

At this point the kids were asking the penguin if it would be their bff. It scratched its chin as if in deep thought. And then it ran away.

This moment made me so happy because Sam does very few child-like things anymore. He was ultra concentrated on making this ornament so I walked around inside the room to look at Christmas trees while he worked. After a bit, he came to me and told me a woman had told him to ‘hurry up and get out of the way’ so her kid could have a spot. I asked him purposefully to NOT show me who ruined his moment.

Sam posing as a local radio host. I call this one: Happier times, before the lady crushed his Christmas spirit.

The snowman. Also a victim of zealous hugging. Also not amused.

The girls with Mrs. Claus.  I didn’t let Sam anywhere near her.

Not to end the fun there, I am looking so forward to going to Georgia Jan’s church this weekend to teach at her church’s Christmas Brunch. I’ll be even more scarce than usual this week as I finish preparing for the trip. I would appreciate any prayers you could send our way. In the meantime, I’ll be praying your Christmas season is filled with lots of smiles, even more Jesus, and no angry penguins.

Much love to you all!