Forward to the Past

For a full week I found myself firmly perched in the driver’s seat of the Blog Wagon, i.e., I posted every day for 5 days straight! Unfortunately the pressure was too great and now it’s safe to say I’ve fallen off the back side of the aforementioned Buggy-O-Fun.


I had good intentions. (There’s that ‘Intention’ word I’ve seen all over the net as top Word of the Year to Live By. I get what you girls mean, but intention has never worked out much for me. My word of the year is Shut-Up-Talking-About-It-And-Do-the-Thang.  Which I guess is kind of the same thing.) In the spirit of that word, here I am not just thinking about blogging but actually doing it.

Truth is, if I want to get my blogging done, I’d better do it quickly because I’ve just learned some terrible news. 

We have no DSL at the new house. 

We have no DSL at the new house.

We have no DSL at the new house.

I figure if I say it enough times it will finally be okay but so far, not working for me.  We wanted it to be a mountain retreat and doggone if we didn’t get one.   Apparently the phone guy drove out to the new place to get things hooked up and had the customer service girl call me to let me know we were just outside the service area.  I pierced her eardrums with the shriek of one thousand deaths and then I called Luke and get this:  he’s happy about it.  He’s the poster boy for Old School.  Doesn’t have a Twitter (I don’t even care what I’m doing so why should anyone else?) or a Facebook and doesn’t want one.  In fact, he gets plain mad that people don’t just pick up the phone and call each other with their news instead of expecting you to get on the computer to read about it.  He said, “Lis, just think about it.  We used to be thrilled with dial-up and now you are in freak out mode over having to go back to it.  Don’t you see how messed up that is?”

Make your point, Man.  

In the midst of my own mourning I dreaded the boys coming home because I knew I’d have to inform them their Black Ops Days are over.  I gave them the news and I can now say I’m confident that I know what wailing and gnashing of teeth looks like.  And that’s when I realized it:  If this is affecting us this badly it’s time for it to go.  Like the Wise Preacher pointed out, we’ll still have dial up if I need to look up something so desperately that I’m willing to wait 4.9 minutes for a page load or post a blog, but I shared with you already that the Lord had been on me about preparing my mind for action and I’m not altogether certain He isn’t behind this No Internet business. 

So it’s time for me to jump off here and continue the packing.  It appears we are moving forward but backward. 

I think it’s going to be a good direction.

I think it’s going to be a good direction.

(I know it’s going to be a good direction.)