Jacksonville FBC Pastor/PW Conference!

Okay, so I know you thought I fell off the face of the earth but really I just slid south a state or two.  Friday I flew to Jacksonville, FL to be a part of the Jacksonville FBC Pastor’s Conference.  Like I heard one of the staff say on my way out of the church today, don’t ask me any hard questions because my brain is wrecked.  It’s funny how purging your heart only seems to fill it right back up.  I am absolutely smitten with the pastor’s wives I had the privilege to serve this weekend and won’t soon get over it.     

I can’t say enough about my new friend Marilyn who is the director of women’s ministry.  Man, does she love Jesus and the women she serves.  She also must love (or hate) me since she was my live gps when I continued to get myself lost driving around down town. (In a Kia Soul!  You can get with this, or you can get with that!  It’s my new favorite.  I was so sad to turn it back in.  Mostly because it was clean.  And my car, after 8 years and 4 kids is not.)    I also had the privilege of meeting Debbie Brunson (Mac Brunson’s wife).  I am still coveting her shoe collection.  Alabama girls, you would have loved her houndstooth stilettos.  Had lunch with Lauren Chandler and was just blown away by her faith as she upholds her pastor husband as he battles cancer.  I should mention girlfriend can sang.  And play the piano.   Met adorable Alicia who works for the North American Mission Board.  She changed my life by teaching me how to use the navigation app on my phone.  Marilyn wishes she had changed it before having to talk me down every street in Jacksonville. Also got to be a part of a hysterical PW Panel on Saturday.  The best piece of advice we heard that day was from Nancy Sullivan (adored her!) but in the interest of keeping some things sacred and because I’m the biggest prude you will ever meet, I’ll let that remain between us girls who were there.  You can just imagine the topic.

I know I’m leaving out so many wonderful people who were nothing but gracious.  It’s an amazing thing to be behind the scenes at an event like this and see the logistics of what has to happen to pull the thing off.  I’m telling you people, you don’t do all this work unless you really care about the people for whom you are working.  This church loves pastors and their families and I for one can’t thank them enough for the privilege of encouraging our kind. 

So much more to say, but the plane is about to board.  And as you know, I STILL DON’T HAVE INTERNET AT HOME.  And yes, I’m freaking out about it.  Hopefully we’ll be remedying that soon.  I thought I could live but alas, I can not. 

If you attended the conference, please keep in touch with me and remember CONNECT and ENDURE!!