I Resemble that Remark (And a CD Winner!)

This weekend the weather finally cooperated so I could have a tag sale to finish cleaning out the parsonage.  Who am I kidding?  It’s only a tag sale if you are Martha Stewart.  In Alabama, we just throw our junk in the front yard and beg people to buy it.  For the record, I absolutely detest the whole process except for the part at the end when we made enough cash to help out with buying badly needed lawn equipment.  Even though I don’t like hosting a sale, I do like going to them with my American-Picker-wanna- be hubby.  Luke says if the Lord ever allows him to retire from ministry he wants to run an antique shop, i.e., a big ‘ole forever yard sale.  I can’t wait.

(As I write this, Sydney and I are watching American Idol reruns because Dish is out. Syd just said, “Steven Tyler looks like a granny who buys his clothes at the thrift store.”  I know Syd hasn’t heard anyone else calling him a granny so could it be that the younger generation really thinks this because I’m hearing it everywhere!?   I don’t think he looks like a granny at all.  Everybody knows he looks like Jack Sparrow.)

Back to the yard sale.  You just never know who you will meet.  The most interesting character of the day was a dude that encouraged my kids to skip an education.  He explained in excruciating detail how much cash he made by buying/selling whatever he could get his hands on.  According to him he peddled everything from used appliances to Braves tickets and made ‘hundreds of dollars in one POP. One POP, man. And then left us with this classic one liner:  “Why work when you can hustle and flow?”

What does that even mean?

(I don’t think I want to know.)

If I just said something ugly y’all know I didn’t mean it. I just wish I had a camera for the looks on my kids faces when he shared this wisdom with them.  It was a cross between amusement, shock, fear, and ‘where is the nearest line to sign up for my ACT’s?”   Dude only thought he was discouraging college when in fact he is now the poster boy for it.  No hustling and flowing for my babies.  However, considering I’m the one who was having a yard sale and I don’t have a real job?  I’m terrified I resemble that remark.

On to sweeter thoughts….I have a Nicol Sponberg cd winner for you!

I want to thank all of you who encouraged Evelyn’s writing in our first Called Out Friday.  The winning comment was #25 who is…

Kecia from Kecia’s Journey! 

 Congratulations, Kecia! Send me your mailing address and I’ll get your cd to you.

The rest of you do yourself a favor and order your copy here.  Hustle, now.