I Found It (Let’s Celebrate with a Mandisa Giveaway!)

So my last post was a little heavy and I really did not intend for that to sit here alone for this long.  I can’t tell you how hesitant I was to put it on the line in such a public way but I was compelled.  I often feel “compelled” to do many things but after I think them through for five or seven minutes, I realize the urge was my own impulsiveness and not the Lord’s doing at all.  This one was different.  In the words of Randy Jackson from American Idol (still so bummed Lauren didn’t win), I had to leave it on the stage.  Or the blog rather.  And yes, the comments were turned off on purpose because on the rare occasions I let myself be vulnerable I don’t want to talk about it.  It’s a pride issue (I loathe being pathetic and then being told I’m not pathetic or having comment silence confirm that I indeed, AM) of which I am not proud.

I don’t want to get messy all over again but I need to tell you that apparently that purging was just what this girl needed.  I wish I could give more detail but it’s turned into the teaching I will be taking with me to Valleytown Baptist in North Carolina this weekend.  I’ll share more later but in the meantime, just know I’ve had myself a ‘eureka’ moment.  I know you are thrilled.

When I’m in a good mood it’s cause for celebration – just ask my husband and children.  So, let’s rejoice in the spent rain clouds by my giving away Mandisa’s new cd, “What If We Were Real”.  I could go through the entire playlist and tell you what is great about each song but I will spare all of us by telling you only about my favorite which is ‘Good Morning’ feat. Toby Mac. 

Why do I love it? 

The kids were out of school for 2 weeks because of the storms and getting them back in the groove after all we had experienced about did us in.  In an attempt to cheer us all up on the drive, I started playing this happy tune in the hopes that we would catch the enthusiasm.  The really impressive thing is that it worked.  Imagine my delight when we would jump in the Suburban (running late! of course!) and the kids would say, “Mom, play our Good Morning Song!”  Even more spectacular is that by the end of the school year, Sam and I had mastered Toby’s rap. (Top of the mornin’ to you ‘disa, you smoothie, me ice cold pizza…cafe au lait la tee da, you do the Zoomba but I do not…)  I may have even changed my words to have Toby saying “Lisa” instead of “..disa” but that’s plain weird so let’s pretend I didn’t just tell you that.

Mandisa’s people have sent me a copy to give to you.  To enter, simply leave a comment telling us what you do to get yourself going in the morning.  You can also gain a second entry by commenting on Friday’s (tomorrow’s) M2M Featured Blog post.  I will announce a winner on Monday.  Don’t forget to leave your contact info so I can get your mailing information.

Okay, I’ve got a huge day so I’m off. 

I hope you have a huge day, too.