I Dropped the Ball….Again

I know, I know….I promised y’all a Mandisa winner MONDAY for crying out loud.  My first excuse is that I road tripped to Andrews, NC to serve the precious women of Valleytown Baptist.  Loved spending the weekend with them and the drive through Ocoee, TN was just what I needed.  It was so wonderful to look at lovely, unscarred landscape again.  Girls (Analisa and Kay!), thank you for extending this invitation to me so long ago.  God was working from underneath all along for our mutual benefit.  He is so good. 

More excuses…I think I may have whined a time or 7 about not having internet access at home.  I started to say something to the effect of “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” but I won’t stop you if your name is Argentina (Tina will do) and feel so compelled.  Adding insult to injury, when the tornadoes blew down all the telephone lines a phone crew guy working on my road told me they were upgrading the equipment and that we should be able to have dsl soon.  Turns out, he is a liar who smells like the devil but unfortunately I did not know this at the time my kids and I were doing the happy dance in the car because INTERNET!  WE LOVE YOU!

Needless to say when I was given this intel I couldn’t call the phone company fast enough.  Imagine my distress when the customer service lady told me that not only were they giving us back the tin can and string aka copper wire we now have for a connection, but that we may never get upgraded to fiberoptics because of the tremendous expense of service restoration.  And then she gave a sinister, patronizing laugh and hung up on me.  

Diabolos.  All of them.

Now that I’m depressed from thinking of it again, let me go ahead and cast myself headlong off the roof by lamenting the fact I am not in Louisville, KY with 15,000+ of my closest friends attending the very last Deeper Still.  I needed myself a word and some girlfriend time.  Guess I’ll have to wait until the study is replicated and duplicated and sitting on the shelf of my favorite LifeWay to see what I missed.  For the rest I can rely on Twitter.

Okay, back to business.  I combined the entries from the giveaway post and the M2M Blogroll post to randomly choose a winner.  By random I mean I asked my daughter to tell me the first digits that came to her mind which was risky because she could have said something like 1,394,949.  Rather she chose 17, her softball number.  That means a huge congratulations to…

Gail at Pandemonium in the Parsonage

To enter I asked y’all to share what gets you going in the morning.  Gail answered..

We love Mandisa around here! I hope I win! If I don’t, I might just be stuck listening to “Freedom Song” a million and two more times, as it is the girlies’ favorite.  We bought a coffee pot with a timer. I love waking up to a pot of coffee ready to pour! Now I grab a cup and slip off to my Bible study chair first thing. Love it!

Yay, Gail!  Send your mailing address and I will get this cd to you.

Be sure to check the Called Out column tomorrow from another article from YOU.  I’ve enjoyed reading your submissions so much and appreciate your being a part of the ministry of this site.  And, may I take this moment to brag on Rachel and Chrissy for working so hard to make Fridays happen.  I love y’all, man. 

Have a fabulous weekend!