Living on the Edge

I didn’t plan on having goals this week but that was only wishful thinking.  Turns out I have a couple: 1.  Because I procrastinated in getting a hair appointment before we left home my roots are full blown noticeable and bordering skanky which will require some home coloring this week if I can ever decipher the difference between medium golden brown, medium chestnut brown, medium ash brown, or darkest lightest caramel, and 2. I wore a swimsuit that tied around the neck and have the awkward tan line to prove it.  So from hair to neck I am striped.  All I need are some glitter tattoo stars from the henna shop where Sydney had her hair wrapped and I would look like a perfect 4th of July patriot. Rather, it appears I will have to perform some strategic sunscreen placement magic to try to even out.  My goals are high and lofty.

Speaking of the henna shop, it wasn’t nearly as shady as I thought it would be.  At least on the inside.  Two darlin’ teenage/early 20 girls were working and I enjoyed them so much.  They gave me the low down on the owner’s son who liked to hang outside the place with his boys every night and hit on the freshly-tattooed girls.  I couldn’t help but laugh when the girl working on Syd yelled at the dumb boys and told them, “Leave now! Y’all are so unprofessional!”  What amused me more was the fact the boy looked exactly like Merry on Lord of the Rings who also happens to be the same actor as Charlie on LOST.  He was a morph of the two in appearance and action.  The shop girl assured me the mom would die if she knew he were handing out his number to the customers.  Were he mine, he would be the one dying. (Not Penny’s ship!)  But truly, Syd’s hair turned out cute as a bug.  And striped.  Just not the same kind striped as her mom’s.

I can’t say enough how thoroughly we are enjoying our kids by simply being together after what have been two ridiculously hectic months.  Every night we have gone for a treat and driven through the village/pier area for fun.  Tonight we rode to the soundtrack of Elijah’s musical stylings on his new ukelele.  Who among you can say that you cruise through town with your teenage boy playing Don Ho on his Mahalo?  This morning Elijah was making fun of Sam because he was watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’.  That from the boy who is playing a purple uke.  My family delights me.  

I’ve also just learned I have one more goal for the list that I wasn’t planning on accomplishing until we returned:  taking Sawyer to the Traveler’s Clinic to get a yellow fever shot for his upcoming trip to Bolivia. (More on that later. Momma doesn’t feel like freaking toda.) Yes, we should have done this a long time ago but what fun would it be if we didn’t dance on the edge of deadline?  Turns out you have to have all your shots a certain period of time before departure and hello?  Do these people not understand that I am a deal-with-number-next kind of girl and even though he is leaving on July 9th it is not Number Next until July 8th? 

One day I will do better.  It just won’t be this day.

Today I have to color my hair.