From joy to despair but not really

I hope you had an amazing weekend and that your Christmas season has kicked off in right perspective.  I went to Macedonia Baptist Church in Ranburne Friday night and had a fabulous time with my PW buddy Stacy and Charlotte, ministry assistant extraordinaire.  Their church hosts a Christmas Extravaganza every year and the name does not disappoint.  The tables were over-the-top beautiful and true to form, I didn’t have my camera to get pictures.  These are the only ones I have from Stacy.  (Charlotte, send me the picture of all of us! :) They both make me so happy.  And yay for being invited more than once!

That doesn’t happen much.

In fact, it may never happen again.  I taught on Matthew 2 and gave the girls some fascinating history on the four major world empires that ruled over Palestine until the time of Jesus’ birth as well as mucho-info on the Magi and their prolific influence during each reign.  It was incredibly nerdy.  I know y’all are sorry you weren’t there.   For those who were, I know the wonderful worship music and chocolate fountain made up for it.  I would sit through anything for some good singing and a dipped strawberry.  I thought about sharing the points with you but I cheated off some of Luke’s research so I don’t want to steal his thunder if he decides to use some of the same material here at home.  I can assure you the principles and application will be altogether different because try as he may, the female gender is still a mystery to him. I like to keep it that way.

Saturday brought more joy…for two quarters anyway. For the first time I can remember in months we had an entire day when we didn’t have a single place to be so we had a family SEC Championship/Georgia Bulldog party.  That’s really the only kind of party transplanted Georgians can have in Alabama because I can count on one hand how many other Dawg fans there are in the state.  I’m trying not to be bitter over the loss. Not that anyone expected us to win but the first half we looked like the team I know we can be.  By the fourth quarter I was just begging the Lord to make it stop. It would be very easy to become despondent over all the missed opportunities and ‘if only’s’.  However, in the words of my father-in-law, “If ifs and buts were candy and nuts it’d be Christmas every day.”

And then there’s the whole BCS deal about who gets to play in the National Championship.  Luke just explained to me how two teams from the same conference can end up playing one another.  Now I love my Alabama friends and I’m happy The Tide is playing in the game, but I’m thinking a true national championship needs to be made up of two teams who actually won their own conference and there should be some play off tournament to decide the top two. (Bracing for hate mail.)  Don’t get all worked up on me.  It’s just a thought. Because I know the BCS people are tuning in to see my opinion on the matter.  Especially since I had to ask Luke during the game if the correct term is “in zone” or “end zone”.

It’s time for me to jump off here and watch “Good Luck Charlie” Christmas movie with Sydney for the 32nd time.  The ancient history of the Medes is looking better all the time.

What are y’all up to?