On Lysol Lockdown

First I want to thank all of you for the great comments you left on the giveaway post for Mary’s book, God, Girlfriends, and Grace.  Y’all are just so smart and intuitive and if we all lived close to one another I would insist we have lunch.  Because I’m trying to be a better friend and I’m sure lunch dates qualify .

And now to announce the winner of the book.  The lucky girl is #15, Heidi Harbuk!  Congratulations, Heidi!  Please email your address to me at lisaATapreacherswifeDOTcom and I’ll get your copy to you asap!

I had planned on posting some pics of my dining room because I need some decorating advice.  But a couple of things waylaid me.  1.  It is still covered in Christmas decorations I haven’t put away yet.  2.  I haven’t put them away yet because darlin’ Sydney is sick and has been barfing her sweet little head off.  She hasn’t had a virus in years so I just hate seeing her puny but I’m also slightly freaked out by the germs.  Everyone is bathing in sanitizer and Lysol in hopes it doesn’t take us all out.  I still can not even speak of the last family stomach flu event of 2000 in which I was the only person who didn’t get sick.  By Day 4 I would have given anything to throw up so I wouldn’t have to clean up after anyone else.  The house needed to be burned down afterward.

My baby is asking for some Sprite.  I can’t resist petting on this sweet thing.

The girl, not the creepy look-alike doll.